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3 years ago


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Standardization is the process of developing and implementing technical standards.

The goals of standardization can be to help with independence of single suppliers (commoditization), compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability, or quality.

In social sciences, including economics, the idea of standardization is close to the solution for a coordination problem, a situation in which all parties can realize mutual gains, but only by making mutually consistent decisions. Standardization is defined as best technical application consentual wisdom inclusive of processes for selection in making appropriate choices for ratification coupled with consistent decisions for maintaining obtained standards. This view includes the case of "spontaneous standardization processes", to produce de facto standards.

3 years ago

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which is the best book to refer for inorganic chemistry for IIT preparation
Hi You can refer : 1. J. D. LEE Inorganic 2. ABC Chemistry 3. O.P. Tandon
Sunil Kumar 21 days ago
jd lee is best book for inorganic chemistry for theory part and for practice k kumar by grb is best book and it is completely solved very rare students know about this book, but very good...
ng29 21 days ago
balaji publication consice jdlee for the prepration of iits because jdlee will provide u the theory and balaji publication will provide u the mcqs and the multiple choices
grenade 21 days ago
best book for inorganic chem
JD LEE for theory problems jaiswal approve if u feel if is useful
Nicho priyatham 25 days ago
jdlee consice inorganic chemistry
grenade 28 days ago
grenade 28 days ago
How to remember p block reactions
No shortcut, you have to start from NCERT and go through the questions..
Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago
it is very important chapter in both jeee main and advance u start with ncert by reading the text and marking the important points and do intext as well as back questions then have a look...
ng29 2 months ago
if u know how to balance reaction then just remember the products as many of the reactions have common products
Shubham Singh 2 months ago
Why was LSD legalized? Was it because of flash backs or...?
I don't see LSD becoming legalized. To begin the DEA and our government is very strict and stubborn when it comes to illegal drugs. Just look at the battles with legalizing marijuana. LSD...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
Don't think it will ever be legalized for public usage, perhaps some day it will be re-legalized for Psychiatric Therapy as it is quite effective in the treatment of many Psychiatric...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
this is a simple question and you can get good things from solving this so just try
britto george 2 months ago
what is double titration
Double titration involves two steps: double titration is a process were the first titration is used to standardize a titrant and the second titration is used to find the molarity of the...
Monica Antony yesterday
double titration means two titrations are done in this process the first titrant is done to standardize the titrant the second titrant is used to find the molarity of the titrant
A M S ARUN KRISHNA yesterday
For a redox reaction, FeS 2 + KMnO 4 → Fe 2 O 3 + S 8 + Mn +2 if 1 mole of S 8 is produced then calculate moles of KMnO 4 consumed : (1) 1 mole (2) 8/5 mole (3) 16/5 mole (4) 12/5 mole
Hi Students.. To work out this question, one needs to take into account the role of n factor for the reaction. For this reaction, the equivalents of S 8 so produced will be equal to the...
Sakshi one month ago
To work out this question, one needs to take into account the role of n factor for the reaction. For this reaction, the equivalents of S8 so produced will be equal to the equivalents of...
Sakshi one month ago
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