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Arrange the bonds in order of increasing ionic character in the molecules:




           LiF, K2O, N2, SO2 and ClF3



3 years ago


Answers : (2)


ClF3 < SO2 < N2 < LiF < K2O

3 years ago

To determine the covalent character of a compound we us FAJANS rule.

The main points are:

1.)The size of anion should be larger

2.)The size of cation must be smaller

3.)The order of charges in both the cation as well as the anion must be larger.

4.)Pseudo configuratons(the one with incomplete octet but complete orbitals eg.Berryllium-it is not having complete octet but its last orbital i.e S is completely filled.)are to be considered as having more covalent character Noble(eg Neon gases.


On the basis of the above theroy you can predict the answers.


3 years ago

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PH 3 has a tetrahedral or a trigonal pyramidral structure??
It is trigonal pyramidal, just like ammonia. Also, if you draw the structure of Ph3, you get sp2 + 1 lone pair which corresponds to the trigonal pyramidal structure.
riya one month ago
You are partly right. Look at page 111 and 112. See basically, it all depends on the lone pair. Since there is a lone pair, it’ll be trigonal pyramidal. (BECAUSE OF THE LONE PAIR) if there...
riya one month ago
whats the molecule type? is it AB 3 E n if it is then in the ncert the structure for AB 3 E is tetrahedral.
jaffrey one month ago
can sum1 explain me what why will be the structure of Cu(Cl)2- complex be ..with reasons.
Copper(II) chloride is the chemical compound with the chemical formula CuCl2. This is a light brown solid, which slowly absorbs moisture to form a blue-green dihydrate. The copper(II)...
Saurabh Kumar 6 months ago
But in prabhat kumar it was given that since cl is a weak ligand it cannot pair up the electrons and the structure will be TETRAHEDRAL .can u please explain me in terms of VBT i.e....
sameer gupta 6 months ago
Sodium salt`s bunsen flame colour??
golden yellow
erra akhil 7 days ago
Intense yellow approve if useful
akshat 7 days ago
which group of compounds give positive test for tollens test, fehling solution ,schiffs reagent,iodoform test.and under which conditions they give the test
tollen test only aldehydes give this test , ketone doesnt give dis test in this we take AMMONICAL SILVER NITRATE(AgNO3+NH4OH) , it is mild oxidising agent and oxidise aldehyde in this silver...
ng29 one month ago
iodoform test given by compound of form CH3-CH-G AND CH3-C-G OH O WHERE G is any group except OH, OCH3, NH2 in this reagent used is I2+NaOH/ NaOI IODOFORM is produced in end of rxn (in case...
ng29 one month ago
in iodornm test OH AND O REPRESENTS ALCOHOL AND KETONIC PART in compunds that i have written as it was difficult to write it
ng29 one month ago
The strongest acid among the following is (a) o-methoxy phenol (b) p-methoxy phenol (c) m-methoxy phenol (d) phenol
In case of m-methoxy phenol there is no destabilisation of phenolate as there is no negative charge on meta postion on resonating structure unlike para and ortho methoxy phenol hence it is...
Shravya. M. Sanu 9 days ago
m-methoxy phenol > phenol > o-methoxy phenol > p-methoxy phenol
Shravya. M. Sanu 9 days ago
phenol >m-methoxy phenol > o-methoxy phenol > p-methoxy phenol it is due to -M effect shown approve if useful
akshat 9 days ago
why only uranium is used as atomic fual
Uranium is a very heavy metal which can be used as an abundant source of concentrated energy . The nucleus of the U-235 atom comprises 92 protons and 143 neutrons (92 + 143 = 235). When the...
Saloni gordhan Rakholiya 7 months ago
who said only uranium is used there are many other things which can be used out of which 2 imp are:- uranium-235 (U-235) and plutonium-239 (Pu-239) Most nuclear fuels contain heavy fissile...
Ashwin 7 months ago
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