Arrange the bonds in order of increasing ionic character in the molecules:




           LiF, K2O, N2, SO2 and ClF3



2 years ago


Answers : (2)


ClF3 < SO2 < N2 < LiF < K2O

2 years ago

To determine the covalent character of a compound we us FAJANS rule.

The main points are:

1.)The size of anion should be larger

2.)The size of cation must be smaller

3.)The order of charges in both the cation as well as the anion must be larger.

4.)Pseudo configuratons(the one with incomplete octet but complete orbitals eg.Berryllium-it is not having complete octet but its last orbital i.e S is completely filled.)are to be considered as having more covalent character Noble(eg Neon gases.


On the basis of the above theroy you can predict the answers.


2 years ago

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please explain inert pair effect with example
The term inert pair effect is often used in relation to the increasing stability of oxidation states that are 2 less than the group valency for the heavier elements of groups 13, 14, 15 and...
bharat bajaj one month ago
sir but why the stability increases ?
MANOJ one month ago
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sumit kumar 21 days ago
alkane molar mass of 72 g/mol
the general formula of alkane is CnH(2n+2) its molar mass is 70 it implies 12n +2n+2=70 n=5 therefore it is pentane. thanks and regards sunil kr askIITian faculty
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
alkane molecular formula is cn h2n+2 so that carbon mass 12 and hydrogen mass 1 then 12n+2n +2=72 then it is pentane
chevvakula tulasi 3 months ago
What is the major product of the following reaction?
B) Both alcohol groups are oxidized and the primary alcohol is oxidized to an aldehyde, not a carboxylic acid by the PCC oxidation
Kevin Nash 6 months ago
I think it should be A) because collins reagent is used to selectively oxidise primary alcohols to aldehydes with Cr03 pyridine solution. If Jones Reagent is used that is Cr03 in acetone...
Aditya Sharma 6 months ago
I apologize for my mistake yes the answer will be B) only.
Aditya Sharma 6 months ago
how to get in knowledge in organic chemistry? which book is better to get more information about organic chemistry?
Substitution Reactions of Benzene Derivatives When substituted benzene compounds undergo electrophilic substitution reactions of the kind discussed above, two related features must be...
ruchi yadav 3 months ago
To get knowledge in organic chemistry,follow the basic rules,remember the types of compounds,all the functional groups,general formulae.Nomenclature rules and practice more and more...
Aarti Gupta 3 months ago
You may refer to the organic chemistry book written by Solomon- Fryhles. It is very good for building concepts. Thank You Ruchi Askiitians faculty
ruchi yadav 3 months ago
is there any ideal solution
mohit yadav 11 months ago
no solution completely behaves as ideal solution but some solution some some of the characteristics of ideal solution.....!!!
Murtaza Khanjiwala 11 months ago
Oh yes, there are. Eg:A mixture of two hydrocarbons.
Kaushik 11 months ago
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