aarange the following molecules in order of increasing ionic character.  lif,k,N2SO2,CLF3

2 years ago


Answers : (2)



that is alll

one year ago
                    lif< k < N2So2 < Clf3

Thank You
Askiitians Faculty
4 months ago

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Potassium permagnate is a base. Thanks & Regard Aarti Gupta askiitians Faculty
Aarti Gupta 3 months ago
amphoteric in nature
akarsh 3 months ago
how to prepare the my sem exams . in orgaanick chemistry please give my answer quickly
teliyakunte telusukonicheoou
G vamsinath reddy 8 months ago
naaku teliyadu
chiru 8 months ago
Why does LiHCO3 not exist in solid state?
Li differs from rest of the family members and shows anomalous behaviour.Lithium bicarbonate found in solution form while others bicarbonates of alkali metals exist in solid state.Its...
Aarti Gupta 3 months ago
Aarti Gupta, You havent answered my question . How does small size and high polarizing power of LiHCO3 account for its existance in solution (aqueous) state?
ravi teja teja 3 months ago
what are aromatic compounds? is this an aromatic compound? CH3-CH2-CH=O
an organic compound that contains one or more benzene ring is called an AROMATIC COMPOUND.well I think aldehyde- CH3-CH2-CH=O is an aromatic compound.
Moxa Alpesh Patel 4 days ago
which is greater molality or molarity?why?
suppose for ex 1M kcl 74.5 volume=1lt mass of kcl in 1lt=74.5 gm mass of water in 1 lt of otal volume solution=1000g-74.5gm=.925gm=.925 kg mass of solvent=.925 kg molality=1/.925 =1.08 thus...
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
its not about which is greater.it is simply a method of expressing concentration of a solution. molarity is the no of mole of solute in a given volume of solution. molality is moles of...
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
Molality. Molarity is moles solute / litres of solution molality is moles solute / kg solvent For molality, you find the mass of solution, then subtract the mass of solute to get the mass of...
Indu 3 months ago
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