aarange the following molecules in order of increasing ionic character.  lif,k,N2SO2,CLF3

2 years ago


Answers : (2)



that is alll

one year ago
                                        lif< k < N2So2 < Clf3

Thank You
Askiitians Faculty
5 months ago

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diagonal relationship between mg and li
The reason for resemblance of properties of lithium with magnesium is that these two elements have almost same polarizing power. The following points illustrate the anomalous properties of...
sumit kumar 26 days ago
Stability order - H2, B2, Li2 With explanation
The stability order for these molecules will be:-B2>H2>Li2.When we calculate the bond order we find for B2 molecule it is 2,and for H2 and Li2 it is 2 for both.This clears that between...
Aarti Gupta 4 months ago
all have same bond order!
Ishan 4 months ago
how to prepare the my sem exams . in orgaanick chemistry please give my answer quickly
teliyakunte telusukonicheoou
G vamsinath reddy 8 months ago
naaku teliyadu
chiru 8 months ago
Which of the following compounds would show evidence of the strongest hydrogen bonding? Give explanation. (1) Propan-1-ol (2) Propan-2-ol (3) Propan-1,2-diol (4) Propan-1,2,3-triol
higher the solubilty higher the extent of hydrogen bonding propane 1,2,3 triol has the maximum and thus strongest hydrogen bonding Liquid propane-1,2,3-triol (glycerol) has the structure...
Sunil Kumar FP 4 days ago
A and B are two different chemical species undergoing first order decomposition with rate constants ka and kb which are in the ratio 3:2 in magnitude.If the initial concentration of A and B...
suppose the half live of A be 20 years and that of B be 30 years after 3 half live of A concentration of A be A/8 and timr taken is 60 years after 30 years concentration of B will be B/2 and...
Sunil Kumar FP 2 days ago
thank you sir.please answer my two pending doubts which are from same chapter,that is chemical kinetics.
bharat makkar yesterday
what is the IUPAC name of the compound NEO PENTANE is------------------------?
2,2-dimethyl propane
kanakaraj 4 months ago
2-2 dimethyle propane
RAGHAVA 3 months ago
2,2-dimethyle propane
haranadhnvk 4 months ago
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