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aarange the following molecules in order of increasing ionic character.  lif,k,N2SO2,CLF3

4 years ago


Answers : (2)



that is alll

3 years ago
										lif< k < N2So2 < Clf3

Thank You
Askiitians Faculty
2 years ago

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26 ml of CO2 is passed over red hot coke .the volume of CO involved is
THE Reaction would be: CO2 + C -------------> 2CO 26 ml V/2 V = 52 ml. This simply mole analysis in terms of Volume. rather than directly on moles. As the information is not provided the...
Vikas TU 7 days ago
Why f2 is more reactive than cl2 then..br2 ....then ..I2
@ simran the electron affinity of fluorine is less than chlorine . still its more reactive than chlorine due to the following reason . 1- the low dissociation energy of f2 molecule , and...
Umakant biswal 16 days ago
1g of Mg atoms absorbs 50kj of energy in the vapour phase find the composition of Mg+and Mg+2 formed as a result of absorption of energy if IE1and IE2 of Mg are740 and 1450kj Per mole
Mg –----------> Mg+ + e- I.E1 = 740 KJ/mol 1/24 moles 1/24 moles Mg+ -------------> Mg2+ + e- I.E2 =1450 KJ/mol 1/24 moles 1/24 moles and I.E for Mg would be I.E1 + I.E2 = 1450 + 740 = 2190 ...
Vikas TU one month ago
How to check melting point of some compounds in objective questions? Means on which fact we should look on like(in eg branching etc) the way we judge boiling point.
down the group melting point dcreases as no. of shells are being added and the weaker bonds are easy to break. in periods this is vice – versa. u will have to remmebr this trend. or learn...
Vikas TU 17 days ago
what are the examples [elements and compounds] of fcc and bcc structures ?
The face centered cubic structure has atoms located at each of the corners and the centers of all the cubic faces . Each of the corner atoms is the corner of another cube so the corner...
Umakant biswal one month ago
NCERT page 212 (2nd year part1).................................................................................
Anjitha one month ago
balance Mn(No2)2+BeCl2=Be(No2)2+MnCl2 AgBr+BaPo4=Ag3Po4+GaBr3 S8+O2=SO2 H2So4+B(oH)3=B2(so4)2+H2O
I am doing this for U-> 3 AgBr+BaPo4=Ag3Po4+BaBr3 and S8 + 8O2 = 8SO2 and Mn(No2)2+BeCl2=Be(No2)2+MnCl2 this is already balanced. U have toc heck the fial no. of atoms in LHS and RHS...
Vikas TU 5 days ago
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