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aarange the following molecules in order of increasing ionic character.  lif,k,N2SO2,CLF3

3 years ago


Answers : (2)



that is alll

2 years ago
                                        lif< k < N2So2 < Clf3

Thank You
Askiitians Faculty
one year ago

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What are its effects on temperature, effect on inert gases, effect on pressure ,etc?
inert gas are basically having fully filled they are highly unreactive and there is small effect. i thinh you are asking equilibrium question. lee chatlers principle effect of...
Sunil Kumar FP 7 months ago
Question is attached... {ALTS-10 Q68}
ANS-option 2 20 KO2 + H20 = 20 KOH + 10 O2
Sunil Kumar FP 3 months ago
​Q . ARRANGE THE THE FOLLOWING IN DECREASING ORDER OF DIPOLE MOMENT- CH 3 Cl , CH 2 Cl 2 , CHCl 3 , CCl 4 CH 3 F , CH 3 Cl , CH 3 Br , CH 3 I o- chloro toluene , m- chloro toluene , p-...
INCREASING ORDER OF DIPOLE MOMENT:- 1- CCl4<CHCl3<CH2Cl2<CH3Cl 2= CH3I<CH3Br<CH3Cl<CH3F 3-p<m<o chlorotoluene(The bond angle increases the dipole moment decreases )...
Sunil Kumar FP 6 months ago
Why do you test first the conductivity of water before the conductivities of solutions?
The conductivity of a substance as such in the form of solid powder /.granules or crystals is not realized unless they are ionized by dissolving them in the water , water being a universal...
vikas yadav 7 days ago
Moreover, onductivity is tested to take a reference measure .This reference tells you ,how much conductivity of water is increased or decreased after addition of an impurity to it .FOR...
vikas yadav 7 days ago
Plz approve!
vikas yadav 7 days ago
the number of identical bond angles in anionic part of Cl2O69(s)
Hello Bharat, The anionic part of Cl 2 O 6 that is ClO 4 − ( Perchlorate) has tetrahedral geometry. Hence, it has 4 identical bond angles. Cheers!
Amit Kumar 3 months ago
Q . FOR THE REACTION :- CaCO 3 (s) ------------ ------------> CaO (s) + CO 2 (g), K p = 1.16 atm AT 800 0 C . IF 20.0 g OF CaCO 3 WERE KEPT IN A 10 L CONTAINER AND HEATED UP TO 800 0 C ,...
CaCO3(s)------------------------> CaO (s) + CO2(g) 20g.....................................0g...........0g........(initially) Kp=P CO2 =1.16atm(as the solids are notincluded in the...
Naveen Kumar 5 months ago
bharat makkar 5 months ago
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