Why does higher Lattice energy ease the formation of an ionic bond?

2 years ago


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The lattice energy of an ionic solid is a measure of the strength of bonds in that ionic compound. It is usually defined as the enthalpy of formation of the ionic compound from gaseous ions and as such is invariably exothermic. Lattice energy may also be defined as the energy required to completely separate one mole of a solid ionic compound into gaseous ionic constituents. The concept of lattice energy was initially developed for rocksalt-structured and sphalerite-structured compounds like NaCl and ZnS, where the ions occupy high-symmetry crystal lattice sites. In the case of NaCl, the lattice energy is the energy released by the reaction

Na+ (g) + Cl (g) → NaCl (s)

which would amount to -787 kJ/mol.

2 years ago

So you mean if it has high lattice energy the crystal will be strong and thereby easing the formation of the bons.Is that right?

2 years ago

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Hi I have one doubt in chemistry. That is Is rection of NaOH with water is exothermic ?
It is not actually exothermic reaction as there will be no formation of products .But heat evolves because of the formation of spheres of H with OH and OH of water with Na.
ARPITHA 8 months ago
Thank u for giving me the answer.
KARRI ANANTHA 8 months ago
Of this, which mixtures cannot exist together in aqueous solution. 1. NaH2PO4 + NaHCO3 2. Na2CO3 + Nahco3 3. NaOH + NaH2PO2 4. NaHCO3 + NaOH give the reason in support of the answer.
I think ans is (4) because nahco3 is slightly acidic so it reacts with naoh...
xyz 2 months ago
Can anyone help please!!
Samrat 3 months ago
did average energy depends upon the intensity of the incident light?
no it doesn''t,only threshold frequency and KE
Spandan Bandyopadhyaya one year ago
Yes, it is directly propotional.
Prajwal kr one year ago
No,it does not depend upon intensity of incident light.it always depends upon the threshold frequency and kinetic energy.
BAYANA SAGAR one year ago
how to convert ethyne to aniline ?
first we should convert ethyne to benzene by passing through organo nickle catalyst at 70c or cu tube at 300c then from benzene we can form aniline.
muaaz 4 days ago
stationary orbits give energy to electrons then who will give energy to stationery orbits
Dear student, The stationary orbits donot give energy to electrons. It is the presence of electrons in certain energy shells/orbits makes the electrons in those orbits possess that energy....
Sumit Majumdar 25 days ago
no in stationary orbit the enegy of electron is quantised.because the angular momentum(mvr) is directly proportional to n(orbit) En= -13.6z^2/n^2 thanks and regards sunil kr askIITian...
Sunil Kumar FP 27 days ago
I want a book which offer good theory and questions in organic chemistry?which book will be good and having both?
at first you should go for NCERT for organic chemistry because the concept is so clear and and simple written over there. after that u can also follow MORRISON AND BOYD for more practice...
sneha singh 6 months ago
NCERT books first and then try K.S Verma`s Organic Chemistry by Cengage Learning Exam Crack Series!
Akshansh Jain 6 months ago
chaman 6 months ago
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