Why does higher Lattice energy ease the formation of an ionic bond?

2 years ago


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The lattice energy of an ionic solid is a measure of the strength of bonds in that ionic compound. It is usually defined as the enthalpy of formation of the ionic compound from gaseous ions and as such is invariably exothermic. Lattice energy may also be defined as the energy required to completely separate one mole of a solid ionic compound into gaseous ionic constituents. The concept of lattice energy was initially developed for rocksalt-structured and sphalerite-structured compounds like NaCl and ZnS, where the ions occupy high-symmetry crystal lattice sites. In the case of NaCl, the lattice energy is the energy released by the reaction

Na+ (g) + Cl (g) → NaCl (s)

which would amount to -787 kJ/mol.

2 years ago

So you mean if it has high lattice energy the crystal will be strong and thereby easing the formation of the bons.Is that right?

2 years ago

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