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y sometimez hot water freezes more quickly than cold water?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


THE rate at which heat moves from place to place is proportional to the difference in temperature and since there is a greater temperature gradient in the warm water, it transfres heat quicker than that of cold water. in addition to this,warm water loses a part of its mass due to the evaporation process and there is less part to be cooled.

3 years ago

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Sir, What is the best book for Inorganic Chemistry?
i think J D Lee
Abhishek Singh 3 months ago
op tandan
Rajeev kushwaha 3 months ago
HCO 3 - doesnot have hydrogen bonding.Hydrogen bonding is mainly the property of covalent compounds with polar bonds. But this is an ionic salt and thus does not show hydrogen bonding.
Pankaj 21 days ago
you cant say its ionic bcz the bond between H+ and CO3- is ionic and CO3- is covalent
41 minutes ago
A compound made up of C, N, and Mg on analysis gave the following data Mg = 12g, C = 12g and N 2 = 14g What is the possible formula of the compound is: Mg(CN) 2 MgCN 2 Mg 2 CN MgCN ?
14 g of nitrogen gas means 1 mole of nitrogen atoms. 12 g of C mean 1 mole of C atoms. 12g of Mg mean 0.5 moles of Mg. Mg 1 , C 2 , N 2 therefore Mg(CN) 2 is the answer.
Rahul Manoj 3 days ago
Give the decreasing order of the SN-1 reactivity of the following compounds.
2>1>3 rate of SN1 depend on stability of carbocation formed . As we can see on removal of Br from carbon and forming carbocation 1 has c+ on secondary carbon 2 has c+ on secondary carbon...
shubham 3 months ago
thank you sir
Riya 2 months ago
hello, even though my chemistry tuition is very good and i understand everything that is being taught there at the time, i have not practiced regularly. now i’m pretty worried about my score...
Hi Student, Dont worry. Be positive . Still lot of time is left to practice for IITJee. Follow the following tips. Chemistry is one such subject which can assure you guaranteed marks in IIT...
Harishwar 5 months ago
HI Student Don’t worry. Still you can work hard and get to your target Take one day and divide the whole syllabus into small packets and assign time and make proper timeline. Make...
Harsh Patodia 5 months ago
sir m very cnfused...main kya padhu …..kis book se padhu organic chem?plz help me
You can buy vidoes of askiitians . Or u colud also refer to OP tandon or Solomon and Fryhle ( MS chauhan) Hit approve if u got even a little help by my answer :) Thanks .
Drake 9 days ago
for organic chem himanshu pandey is the best for reactions refer sn sanyal approve if useful approve if useful approve if useful
ng29 12 days ago
for very good level of que refer ms chauhan (advance) approve if useful approve if useful
ng29 9 days ago
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