y sometimez hot water freezes more quickly than cold water?

2 years ago


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THE rate at which heat moves from place to place is proportional to the difference in temperature and since there is a greater temperature gradient in the warm water, it transfres heat quicker than that of cold water. in addition to this,warm water loses a part of its mass due to the evaporation process and there is less part to be cooled.

2 years ago

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phosphinic acid behaves as a monoprotic acidgive reason
because it can release one proton i.e. H+ ion ….….….. ….….….….… ….….….….….….….....
Suraj Prasad 4 days ago
sir please tell me a shotcut to get hybridisation in complex compounds.
Hybridisation of a molecule or an ion can be predicted by making use of the following formula. Number of Hybrid orbitals (H)=n =1/2[group no central atom +no of atoms attached to central...
Sunil Kumar FP 2 months ago
How to find wich oxide is nuteral?
By viewing the periodic table,one can predict the nature of oxides.Acidic,basic,neutral oxides show following trends- In general, the electropositive character of the oxide's central...
Aarti Gupta 2 days ago
Oxides are those chemical compounds in which one or more oxygenatoms combined with another element for e.g. Li2O.These are of different types like acidic,basic,amphoteric and neutral.Neutral...
Aarti Gupta 3 days ago
Ok , you are correct is there any fixed part in the periodic table , where the element combines with oxygen and form nuteral oxide. From my guess the most probably from your answer above the...
Vineeth 2 days ago
Sir please help me balance this equation- Cr(oh)3+IO3^-1-------->I-+CrO4^2-(in basic medium) by ion electron method. Sir it is written in my book to first balance all the atoms other that o...
If you will follow the steps you will get the answer. General Steps Step 1:Try to balance the atoms in the equation by inspection, that is, by the standard technique for balancing non-redox...
Suraj Prasad one month ago
rate of dehydration of alcohols- cyclohexanol, cyclohexene
Your question is NOT clear and seems to be incomplete bacause you have given one alcohol and alkene.Please recheck your question and post it again.Please check your question and write down...
Ramreddy one month ago
Ethanol can undergo decomposition to form two sets of products C2H5OH---- C2H4(g) + H2O(g) energy evolved = 45 units/ mole of C2H4 2- CH3CHO(g) + H2(g) E. evolved = 70 units/ mole of CH3CHO...
we have two sets of reaction (1)C2H5OH-------C2H4 +H2O (2)C2H5OH------CH3CHO +H2 Energy involved in the decomposition of ethanol= energy involved in 1 st reaction +energy involved in second...
Sunil Kumar FP one month ago
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