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limitations of vbt

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Farah,


The valence bond theory was fairly successful in explaining qualitatively the geometry and magnetic behaviour of the complexes. But, it could not explain the following :

(i) The origin of their absorption spectra could not be explained.

(ii) Why did different complexes of the same metal show different colours.

(iii) Relative stabilities of different complexes could not be explained.

(iv) Why should certain ligands form high spin, while others low spin complexes.

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert

4 years ago

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what is meant by emlsions and what are different types of emulsions explain me with examples
emulsion is nothing but in which both dispersed and dispersion mediums are liquids. there are two types o emulsions .1.oil in water.2.water in oil. example for oil in water is milk example...
KALYAN 6 months ago
EMULSIONS ARE BESICALLY a type of colloidal solutions , and there will be two things one is dispersed phase and anathor is dispersed medium . there are two type of emulsions 1- o/w type 2-...
Umakant biswal 6 months ago
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siva ganesh 6 months ago
WHAT IS THE answer?
Dear PRAPULPODISHETTI, Please paste complete answer in one attempt so that questioner does not get mails on your each and every answer. This irritates the questioner and we are getting lot...
Forum Team 10 months ago
NCl 3 NAME is Nitrogen trichloride. option is A
graphite melting point?
DURGA PRASAD 9 months ago
3800 K
SHANMUKESHWAR 9 months ago
R.GANGARAJU 9 months ago
CuSO4 + Fe = ?
sorry.....CuSO4 + Fe = Fe2(So4)3(aq)
KUNCHAM SAMPATH 10 months ago
Fe2(So4)3(aq) CuSO4 + Fe =
KUNCHAM SAMPATH 10 months ago
CuSO 4 +Fe = Fe 2 (SO 4 ) 3(aq)
SHANMUKESHWAR 10 months ago
What is a pseudo first order reaction or pseudo unimolecular reaction?
pseudo first order reaction is nothing but the reaction which are independent on initial concentration of the reactants
KALYAN 7 months ago
hello my dear kumar, the pseudo 1 st order reactions simply say that is reactions greatly simplyfing quantifying the reaction dynamics.these type of reactions are independents on its inilal ...
dear kumar,the psedo 1 st order reaction is defined as the reactions greatly simplyfying guanntifying the reaction dynamics .these type of reactions are independents on it’s intial...
Y MANJUNADH 5 months ago
why boiling point and melting point of aldehydes and ketones are lower than alcohols?
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Gowri sankar 5 months ago
Dear Naresh Raju Bonding in the carbonyl group; Where aldehydes and ketones differ ... That could easily be confused with an alcohol. ... One of the two pairs of electrons that make up a...
Prabhakar ch 5 months ago
As the number of carbons is increased, the number of electrons and protons also ... In general, chloroalkanes contain lower boiling points than alcohols . ... is higher than alkanes and...
Gaddam Chethan 5 months ago
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