limitations of vbt

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The valence bond theory was fairly successful in explaining qualitatively the geometry and magnetic behaviour of the complexes. But, it could not explain the following :

(i) The origin of their absorption spectra could not be explained.

(ii) Why did different complexes of the same metal show different colours.

(iii) Relative stabilities of different complexes could not be explained.

(iv) Why should certain ligands form high spin, while others low spin complexes.

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what is valency of florine
valecy is 1
mohit yadav 11 months ago
Fluorine has a valency of only -1. And has no other oxidation states due to small size and absence of d orbitals to expand its oxidation state.
Aabel 10 months ago
florine have one electron to stable valency elctrons are 7
naresh masaboina 11 months ago
What will reaction between CO and NaOH form?
The Reaction Between Carbon Monoxide and Sodiun Hydroxide is : 2NaOH(s) + CO (g) => Na2CO3 (s) + H2 (g) This reaction serves the dual purpose of carbon sequestration (The process of...
Akshay Meena 9 months ago
2NaOH + CO 2 → Na 2 CO 3 + H 2 O !!!
Ayush Agrawal 9 months ago
which of the below overlapping will be greater extent or stronger - s-s, sp-sp, sp2-sp2 or sp3-sp3 overlapping?
sp-sp>sp2-sp2>sp3-sp3>s-s do well in your examinations
FITJEE 9 months ago
gyan prakash 9 months ago
sp-sp , sp2-sp2 , sp3-sp3 , s-s
rishabh 10 months ago
In Chemical Bonding , One Type Formation Of Covalent Bond Occurs By Overlapping Of Atomic Orbitals {Sigma} (s-s , s-p ,p-p ) ,Taking Z-Axis As Reference Axis , The Order Of Stability Is :[...
her HF hs the highest bond dissociation energy because of two factors (1)electronegativity difference (2)hydrogen bonding next consider the size factor sizo of H2<F2 molecule hence larger...
Sunil Kumar FP 11 days ago
Thank You For Your Answer Sir , But According To Your ?Statement And Applies Chemistry : “What Will Be The Answer Of The Question : Arrange The Following In Decreasing Order Of Stability ::...
Arpit 10 days ago
Write the postulates of Bohr’s Model for atom.(Write formulae given by him also)
Various postulates of Bohr’s atomic model are: 1. In an atom, the electrons revolve around the nucleus in certain definite circular paths called orbits, or shells. 2. Each shell or...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 days ago
What favours the hydride shift in Cannizaros Reaction? We know the hydride is a very poor leaving gropu so why does it leave then?
since we know that hydride shift is RDS in Cannizaro reaction and the carbon cannot exceed its covanlency to 5 also the double bond btw C and O is stronger then hydride it will leave for a...
chandan jha one year ago
the group that leaves is basically that group group which doesnt has any role in giving stability
priyanshu gautam 11 months ago
but instead of hydride going out , OH- can leave since it is a much better leaving group than H-
ravi teja teja one year ago
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