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                   Presence of oxalate ion in guava fruit during different stages of ripening?

4 years ago


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Dear student,

You take guava extract (properly measured) and titrate it with any base for eg sodium hydroxide (naoh) using a burette. u obtain the amount of naoh used in neutralizing that fixed amount of guava extract. use the common mole and molarity concept. once u find our the molarity of the guava extract, multiply with the molar mass of oxalic acid...u will get the strength.


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Sagar Singh

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4 years ago

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Vaibhav Gupta yesterday
WHAT IS THE answer?
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Forum Team 6 days ago
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and HF gases. 2 and liberate CO 4 SO 2 e rock react with H phosphat The carbonate and the flouride impurities in the
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ORDER: It is the sum of the powers of the concentration terms in the rate law expression. It is experimentally determined. It can have fractional values also. It can be zero. MOLECULARITY:...
mole concept and n-factor
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Avinash one month ago
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Neeti one month ago
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Neeti one month ago
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