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                   Presence of oxalate ion in guava fruit during different stages of ripening?

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear student,

You take guava extract (properly measured) and titrate it with any base for eg sodium hydroxide (naoh) using a burette. u obtain the amount of naoh used in neutralizing that fixed amount of guava extract. use the common mole and molarity concept. once u find our the molarity of the guava extract, multiply with the molar mass of oxalic acid...u will get the strength.


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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

5 years ago

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graphite c-c bond lengh?
1.42 angstroms
mamidi 2 months ago
DURGA PRASAD 2 months ago
R.GANGARAJU 2 months ago
what is chemical formula of colemanite?
the chemical formula of colemanite Ca 2 B 6 O 11
L GOUSE BASHA 2 months ago
sanjay 3 months ago
Chemical Formula Ca 2 B 6 O 11 · 5H 2 O
DURGA PRASAD 2 months ago
what is the emperical formula sheet silicates?
5 )n^-2n 2- O 2 (Si
sanjay 3 months ago
5 2- O 2 Si
RAKESH CHINDAM 3 months ago
Si 2 O 2- 5
what are sn1,sn2 and sne mechanisims can you please explain me
sn1 means uni molecular nucleophilic substitution reaction where as sn2 means bi moleculer nucleophilic substitution reaction.sn1 we can observe in secondary alcohols and for sn2 primary...
polam pothuraju 2 months ago
When sodium metal is dropped in ethanol which gas will be released ?
The reaction between sodium and ethanol Details of the reaction If a small piece of sodium is dropped into some ethanol, it reacts steadily to give off bubbles of hydrogen gas and leaves a...
ROHIT 2 months ago
Hydrogen gas is evolved.
SAIMANIKANTA 2 months ago
Hydrogen gas is evolved
Shantanu Singh 2 months ago
what is the chemical formula of heulandites?
the chemical formula of heulandite is Ca[Al2Si7O18].6H2O
BOLLU SRINIVAS 2 months ago
(Ca,Na) 2 - 3 Al 3 (Al,Si) 2 Si 13 O 36 · 12H 2 O. The chemical formula of heulandite is Ca[Al2Si7O18].6H2O OR
RAKESH CHINDAM 2 months ago
Chemical Formula. (Ca,Na) 2 - 3 Al 3 (Al,Si) 2 Si 13 O 36 · 12H 2 O.
SHANMUKESHWAR 2 months ago
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