Presence of oxalate ion in guava fruit during different stages of ripening?

3 years ago


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Dear student,

You take guava extract (properly measured) and titrate it with any base for eg sodium hydroxide (naoh) using a burette. u obtain the amount of naoh used in neutralizing that fixed amount of guava extract. use the common mole and molarity concept. once u find our the molarity of the guava extract, multiply with the molar mass of oxalic acid...u will get the strength.


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what is valency of florine
valecy is 1
mohit yadav 11 months ago
Fluorine has a valency of only -1. And has no other oxidation states due to small size and absence of d orbitals to expand its oxidation state.
Aabel 10 months ago
florine have one electron to stable valency elctrons are 7
naresh masaboina 11 months ago
koh is ionic or covalent
mohit yadav 11 months ago
KOH has one ionic (between K and OH) and one covalent (between O and H) bond. In a straight answer, it is ionic, remember the bond between a metal and a nonmetal is ionic. nonmetal-metal is...
Keerthi Raj 11 months ago
Why sodium hydroxide called costic soda?
sodium hydroxide is called caustic soda mainly in industries because of its cleaning is used as a cleansing agent in industries. thanks and regards sunil kr askIItian faculty .
Sunil Kumar FP 5 months ago
NaOH is called caustic soda because of its corrosive action.
Indu 5 months ago
what do u mean by degree of unsaturation?
Unsaturation is “not saturated” which means not an aliphatic bon if you’re talking about the unsaturated bond. It refers to double or triple bond ( please not this only related to only...
Genius 2 months ago
Edit : *bond in first line O.O
Genius 2 months ago
i donot know
abhi 2 months ago
H3PO4 ,H3PO3, H3PO2
H3PO2 > H3PO3 > H3PO4 it is an exception to the general rule that higher oxidation state compound will be more acidic like HCLO4, HIO4 and others. you can see the PKa values and...
Vikash Kumar 9 months ago
3,2,1 respectively check out the structure U will find that those having no. Of OH group will contribute to acidity approve by clicking yes below
rishabh 9 months ago
Kaushik 9 months ago
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