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				   why oxygen molecule is paramagnetic in nature

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


hi sohail,

  The order in which O2 will fill the orbitals is:

sigma2s, sigma2s*, sigma2p, sigma2p*

Two electrons can occupy each s orbital, while 6 electrons can occupy each p orbital. Following the Exclusion Principle, two electrons will fill both the 2s and 2s* orbitals, 6 electrons will fill the 2p orbital, and that leaves 2 electrons to fill the 2p* orbital. These two electrons will only partially fill this orbital, and will have parallel spins. Since the rest of the electrons are all paired, the remaining two electrons in the 2p* orbital give the diatomic molecule a net total spin (it does not matter if they are 1/2 or -1/2 spins, they will both be the same). Since there is a net spin, O2 is paramagnetic.

6 years ago

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What is Ionization Isomerism?
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YASWANTHKUMAR 9 months ago
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SAI SARDAR 9 months ago
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mohan 5 months ago
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sreekanth sree 5 months ago
Hello Manjunadh: Addition polymerization is defined succinctly by IUPAC (1) as polymeriza- tion by a repeated.Polymer chains are formed by addition to the double bond.
Gaddam Chethan 5 months ago
What is the common name of the compound H 2 C-CHO?????????????????
Hello Prabhakar Th common name of the compound H 2 C-CHO is Acrobin. All the best for your bright future
Gaddam Chethan 5 months ago
the common name of this compound is the vinyl chloride the common for monochloroethane is also similar.
N JYOTHEESWAR 5 months ago
hello sir ji name of this compound is vinyl chloride........................................................................................................................................
sreekanth sree 5 months ago
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