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ionic bond, covalent bond ,hydrogen bond , coordination bond-

order of strength ?

plz tell the order of difficulty in breaking them & explain the following-

na2co3.10h2o on heating gives na2co3.h2o + 9h20. on further heating we get anhydrous na2co3. why? how the water molecules are bonded in na2co3.10h2o.



6 years ago


Answers : (1)

Covalent bondsare formed between atoms which have
- Unsatisfied valency
- No inert gas electronic configuration
- These are directional bonds
- formed by sharing of electrons

Intermolecular forces
- Much weaker than covalent bond
- These are not directional (except Hydrogen bonds)
- These are more electrostatic in nature
- exist between stable molecules
- can be Hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole and induced dipole-induced dipole (london dispersion).

covalent > ionic > metallic > h-bonds > dipole-dipole > dispersion

From strongest to weakest:

Now the answer of to your question:
1.Covalent bonding (bonding that happends by the sharing of electrons).
2.Ionic-bonding (most commonly found in salts, it forms by the losing and gaining electrons ** electrons are not shared in this type of bonding).
3.Metallic bonding (between metals only).
4.H-bonding (this type of bonding tends to form with Nitrogen, Oxigen and FLuorine)
5.Dipole-Dipole(forc e that exist because of the interaction of dipoles on polar molecules in close contact).
6.London Dispersion (simultaneously Dipole-dipole moments)

Thank You


Askiitians Faculty

2 years ago

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Dear student A option is not visible clearly.Kindly resend.
Bhavya one month ago
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Pranav Dabhade one month ago
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