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the smaller the size of the cation and larger the size of the anion, greater the covelent charater of an ionic bond.

why, explain me please.

4 years ago


Answers : (2)


DEAR Ravi ,

In case of ions , we associate polarising power of cation and polarisability of anion , which are the power of cation to distort the anions electronic cloud and power of anion to get distorted . The whole process is like that of electrical induction. the cation pulls the electronic cloud of anion to itself so that the elctron pair on anion is shared between two as in the covalent bond. Now greater the charge density on cation greater is its polarising power and correspondingly for anion. so bond become more and more covalent with smaller size of action and larger size of anion.


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4 years ago

Due to greater concentration of positive charge on a small area, the smaller size of cation has high polarising power, so greater the ionic character of an ionic bond. While larger size of the anion, the greater is its polarisability. It is due to the fact that the outer electrones of a large anion are losely held and hence can be more easily pulled out by the cation.and greater the ionic character of an ionic bond.

4 years ago

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Avinash 13 days ago
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