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                   Dear Sir,

I would like to know from you a little more about the format of the practice papers that you have put up on the site. The Chemistry section in almost all the papers have MAXIMUM ORGANIC stuff.Why is the pattern so?Mathematics section also stresses on some particular portions only. No complaints regarding the papers sir its very good no doubt.But i would just like to know why has the paper been made so?I mean are you expecting this years IITJEE paper to be of an almost similar fornat?Please let me know sir!

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
Taranand Mukhopadhyay

5 years ago


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sir I got crl 30640 category:general .. can i get a good college?? can u please name them??
My suggestion is to visit official website of IIt/NIT to check the current status of counselling rounds and be a little more active to make out what is your stature….…..else some other...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 5 days ago
you can get Nits, there are many choices for you check the previous years opening and closing ranks for a better insight plz approve
Prajwal Kavad 6 days ago
you really have a good rank, dont worry you will get good branches in 3 rd or 4 th round
Mondo Camry 6 days ago
My B.Arch rank is 57480, what are the collges that I might get?
Its bit tough to get it as total BArch seats are around 1000
Avinash 2 days ago
To get a seat in architecture the candidates are expected to qualify NATA as well, you may try visiting leading institutions offering this study program and check out the availability of...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 2 days ago
can i write another exam for jee ?
Saurabh Kumar 5 days ago
Be clear while asking a question.Anyway, for your kind information let me tell you that JEE Mains can be attempted for thrice [once in a year and thrice in cinsecutive three years] and on...
Soneel Verma 5 days ago
I have 163 score in Mains 2015, 85% in CBSE 12 th . Which are the best colleges available for CSE with my score.
Its a less chance of NIT Computer Science;... But i would like to suggest you , if you are getting CS, EC, IT, EE in NITs, IIITs, Or top Deemed Univ,,,,,go for it... Don’t compromise...
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
You can try at – Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Sardar patel Colege of engg, Mumbai Lovely Professional University,Phagwara GMR Inst of Tech, Rajam Gudlavalleru Engg. College, Gudlavalleru
Ayushmaan Vardhan one month ago
thapar university, IIIT
grenade one month ago
i got 63% marks in 12 th . but still i want to be a Internal Medicine Specialist who ( manage and treat diseases through non-surgical means.). give me proper path so as to achieve my goal....
You can go for two options that are BHMS (homeopathy) and BAMS (ayurved). There is no scope in BAMS, so i would suggest you to go for BHMS. Homeopathy is a field where doctors treat the...
Raheema Javed one month ago
Is Carbon-12 and Carbon-14 the same element?
no Isotopes are substances having different molecular masses but same atomic no(i.e. same element having different masses). In case of normal carbon, carbon 12, it has 6 protons and 6...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
these are the isotopes of carbon.carbon has 12,6 protons and 6 neutrons. but in c14 has 6 protons and 8 neutrons which makes it heavier.hence it is radioactive.
sajid one month ago
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