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                   how ways istart my prepration foriit

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Anurag,

It depends in which class you are right now?

If you are in 11th class then try finish the topics as soon as possible, and after that practice more to gain the speed

And if you are in 12th class then please work out on your doubts and weeker areas and also focus more on practice to gain the speed

Best of luck Regards

3 years ago

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sir i have got CRL 93000 for my iit jee main and my percentile is 94 my CBSE board percentage is 91 and jee main mark is 106 ‘am from general category can i get admission in any NIT’s
Your score in JEE is not very promising, but your board score is good....I recommend you to think of getting admission at top rated colleges/universities where you may get quality education ...
2015 years ago
What is the product of (3+6i)(4-7i)?
do it yourself
vikas yadav 3 months ago
The answer is 54+3i In future try to take admission from top universities which provide excellent placement opportunities,top infrastructure. The universities are SVNIT, Surat NIT,...
abhinaipadachuru 5 days ago
Aakash 9 days ago
when is jee main 2015 all india ranks going to be declared
24 june.However the timing remains unknown so stay tuned to the jeemain official website.
Havishma Haranath 8 days ago
24 june.However the timing remains unknown so stay tuned to the jeemain official website.
Havishma Haranath 8 days ago
ok got it and thanks
Mohit Kumar 8 days ago
sir i am delhi obc i have 29034 as my ggsipu cet rank so can i get gb pant or any govt clg in 2 nd round seat allotment
Dear Shivam, There are very less chances as the cutoff list is quite high to be at a government can keep an eye on GB pant’s counselling rounds....if seats are available, you...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 20 days ago
first of all shivam all colleges are private that are under ipu except USIT , and u will not get usit as ur rank is very high, and chances of gb pant are very less , may be u get other...
ng29 20 days ago
rare chances.....................but hope for the best
sajid 11 days ago
Sir, i used your rank predictor it showing a rank of 45k (in JEE MAINS 2015) while some other rank predictor shows a rank of around 75k-90k.I am really confused Please help me out (Iam obc...
your rank inCommon Merit List(CML) will be above 3,00,000 .
Abhinav one month ago
what is your score?
Abhinav one month ago
I scored 60 in jee mains 2015 and 88% in karnataka board.
Radhika Manjunath one month ago
sir please tell what is the net resistance between points P and Q.
1/net resistance =1/R +1/R = 2/R net resistance = R/2 proided your pand q is located in the point as shown in your attachement.
Archita 5 days ago
total resistance in 5R/2 and not 2R/5 it is simple series and parallel circuit plz refer your scool textbooks it will have enough theory to sove this problem
Prajwal Kavad 5 days ago
the answer is 2R/5 iwant the solution how to find it.
manoj singh 5 days ago
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