Please tell me about your IIT JEE tution classes in Dammam?

2 years ago


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Hi Neyaz,

The students who live in KSA wish to return to India in search of good Engineering colleges in India.

The reason is that in KSA there is dearth of good engineering colleges.Most of the Indian people who live in KSA are expatriates and they wish to return to India. Looking into the quality of Indian Education system, I think it will be better for you to start preparing for Engineering exams right from this time.You should also know that Govt. of India is planning to conduct one single comman entrance test for enginnering Institutions in India, which will, in fact, give you more options apart from prestogious IITs.

Please check, IIT JEE tuition classes in Dammam.

Askiitians has been preparing students of KSA for IIT JEE and other Engineering exams for last six years. The Gulf topper for IIT JEE 2011 is Askiitians students only.




Purshotam (IITC)

2 years ago

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