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                   how could i crack aieee-2010 without taking any coaching classes

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Pallavi!!!

All India Engg. entrance examination(AIEEE) course is based completely on CBSE & ICSE board.

So if u need to prepare for AIEEE without coaching classes you would have to do two things:

1. prepare board syllabus thoroughly

2.Increase your speed.

Main problem in AIEEE paper is speed.There is limited time.To improve your speed you can practice a lot of mock test.

5 years ago

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vikas yadav 2 months ago
Hi sir/madam, I would like to know if problem book in mahematical analysis by GN Berman will be good for IIT-JEE
Dear student, GN Berman is a very good book for IIT JEE preparations especially for algebra
Nishant Vora one month ago
Use the formula book for instant revision Visit the below website Use Coupon Code EXAMHACKERS20
EXAM HACKERS one month ago
EXAM HACKERS one month ago
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vikas yadav 2 months ago
My Question is mainly regarding how i should utilise my time in the holidays between Xth and XIth 1.)Should I try and learn calculus in the holidays b/w Xth and XIth ? (Assume I have no...
calculus first differential and then integral approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
You shoul study whatever the weker subject of your, that would be best use of your time.
shubham sharda one month ago
i am getting 133 marks in jee mains 2015. Can i get admission in LNMIIT Jaipur in cse/cce branch? i belong to punjab and general category.
sorry to say but in my opinion u will not be able to get cse in nit , jaipur as last year my frnd score 197 in main and 97 in cbse boards he get nit jaipur cse in second round if u get board...
ng29 14 days ago
oh i am xtremely soory for dis misunderstanding no doubt lnmittal is good colleges among the private ones but chances of lnmittal are also very lessi would prefer u thappar better than ln...
ng29 14 days ago
thanks for your opinion bro but i am not asking about nit jaipur. I am asking about LNMIIT(Lakshmi Niwas Mittal Institute of Inforrmation and Technology). This college only takes jee main...
respected sir/ma’am could you plz tell i m going to give exam of MODY college lakshmangarh it is a girls college,UPES dheradoon and IFCAI HYDERABAD could u tell me how is the scope...
i have heard only about UPES and it is good college with various different streams and good infrastructure and jobs are not judged by college it in hand of candidate to get a good job as all...
ng29 26 days ago
sry it is ICFAI hyderabad..
mansi dabriwal 26 days ago
mansi dabriwal 26 days ago
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