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i am currently in 12 th and i have 2 months holidays in which i would like to rise important 11t chapters fromm iit point of view...plz could u tell me the important chapters oh 11th chem phy and maths..and if possible a time management schedule :)

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Kshitiz Dhiman,

You cannot really say that a particular topic is important in IIT-JEE but here i am giving you some topics from Physics,Chemistry & Mathematics that are a little more scoring than the rest of the topics !!!


1.Modern Physics(X-Rays,Photoelectric Effect,Atomic Physics)


3.Mechanics(Rotational Motion-More important)

4.Work,Power & Energy

5.Reflection & Refraction of Light(Optics-V.important)


Chemistry :

1.Atomic Structure

2.Properties of elements in the Periodic Table

3.Chemical Energetics

4.Rates of Chemical Reactions(Chemiical Kinetics)

5.Chemical Bonding(V.Important)

6.D & F block elements(Remember the reactions)

7.Co-ordination Chemistry

8.Organic Chemistry(Full-Highly Scoring)

9.Solutions & Thermodynamics(Scoring)


Mathematics :

1.Complex Numbers(Easy & Scoring)

2.3D Geometry(V.Easy & Highly Scoring)



5.Circle,Parabola,Straight lines(Simple & Scoring)

6.Definite Integration(V.Easy & Scoring)



Hope this helped you dear....

All the Very Best & Good Luck to you ...


AskIITians Expert,

Godfrey Classic Prince


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3 years ago

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Hi It would be somewhat around 3500- 4000. All the best !
Sunil Kumar one month ago
You can use askiitians’ rank predictor or you may check out the cutoff list of any IIt to get some near idea...if you cracked it at any IIT/NIT then it is really quite good, else you may...
Soneel Verma yesterday
@hitesh , ur rank will be above 10,000 , u will not get any iit but dont loose hope try for nits if u cna got else u can try for thappar , upes dehradun , jaypee noida APPROVE IF USEFUL
ng29 one month ago
sir i have got CRL 93000 for my iit jee main and my percentile is 94 my CBSE board percentage is 91 and jee main mark is 106 ‘am from general category can i get admission in any NIT’s
Your score in JEE is not very promising, but your board score is good....I recommend you to think of getting admission at top rated colleges/universities where you may get quality education ...
2015 years ago
Is H.C.Verma enough for IIT-JEE?
Not so, for good books, it is also mentioned on askiitians home page.
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
IT is more than enough if u solve it fully, cnge book are too big and will take lots of time, hc verma and irodov are more than enough, even the top batch students in kota solve only these...
Prajwal Kavad 2 days ago
no not at all if u do HCV then also do all previous iit questions n irodov otherwise leave HCV and do cengage
Nicho priyatham 21 days ago
sir i had scored 98.5%in intermediate and 119 in mains can i get seat in any top 10 nits
Well. i feel that the cutof list started with 120 on wards, still to be clear about this concept, i may suggest you to visit the official website of nearby NIT and check out the actual...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 22 days ago
Its very hard to be selected under top10.There are top Uninersities which provide you sholarship as you scored 98.5% and 119 in jee.They provide you good placement opportunities enhancement ...
abhinaipadachuru 16 days ago
hello harika, i think the cut off is more than your score.but as to be in detailed i suggest you to visit the official page of nearby nit and check the cut off.
sajid 16 days ago
I secured 358 rank(OBC) in JEE 2015.I am intereseted in getting into NASA. Please suggest- 1.IIT bombay Eng Physics ​2.IIT Bombay aerospace eng 3.IIT Delhi Eng phy,Electrical Eng(power and...
As per as NASA is concern, you must choose aerospace IITB. Although All the IITs which you mentioned are really really good. Best of luck for your future.
Vijay Mukti 13 days ago
hello!! sir, I want to become automobiles engineer .. so how much rank I should get into the NIT durgapur ??
NIT durgapur doesn’t have any automobile engineering branch and so that related field Mechanical Engineering you can opt, for that you need to get the rank in between 10,000 to 15,000.
Avinash 16 days ago
It should be less than 20000. Mean while visit other top universites which provide excellent placement opportunities,top infrastructure,good scholarship are Malviya National Institute of...
abhinaipadachuru 6 days ago
in between 10,000 to 17,000 will get you a seat in nit durgapur
sajid 12 days ago
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