I m preparig for IIT at home myself.I m in std.11 now.

Can u plz suggest me some important books for all the 3 subjects so that I can easily complete n go through the whole syllabus of IIT.

3 years ago


Answers : (3)



hc verrma

dc pandey




new pattern arihant 





 p bahadur / rc mukherjee [ physical chemistry]

ms chauhan [organic chem]

ncert  [inorganic]

3 years ago

for physics:hc verma;resnik halliday crane.

for chemistry:op tandon.

for maths:11th and 12th cbse maths


bst of luck

3 years ago

Dear Nidhi,

Including NCERT Other books are

Mathematics:- Arihant Books,TMH books

Physics H. C. Verma,  D C PANDEY,I.E.IRODOV


  • P. Bahadur - Physical Chemistry

  • O.P.Tandon- Organic Chemistry

  • O.P. Agarwal - IIT Chemistry -Inorganic Chemistry



2 years ago

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