sir i got 7193 in jee.i m oc.which iit will i get?mention branch if possible.

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


check this:



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3 years ago

Sir the page you gave doesnt load properly.can u suggest another one?

3 years ago

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sir iuploaded the documents tomorrow night and it showed upload succeeded but till now, no uploads are being shown when i login what to do pls tell
You have to wait atleast for one day, the status will be shown after you doucments are scruitnised by the iit, the updation of the status will take some time
Sher Mohammad 11 days ago
Positronium consists of electron and positron orbiting round their common centre of mass. Calculate the value of Rydberg constant for the system?
In Bohr model, for the calculation of Rydberg constant, the mass of an atom is considered to be very large in comparison to electron. The Rydberg constant, hence is denoted as : R 0 = 1.097...
Aziz Alam 13 days ago
Sir what are the chances of seat upgradation in 2nd or 3rd round of Jee Adv counselling this year? I’m from OBC cat . category rank 1585. and I got Mech in IIT patna in 1st round.
If you have filled the choices properly then, the chances are very good for seat upgradation.Stay positive and hope for the best. Thanks &Regards Aziz Alam IIT Roorkee askIITians Faculty
Aziz Alam 13 days ago
Sir Which is the most scoring chapter for IITJEE.
math-coordinate physics-modern physics chemistry-physical chemistry Thanks & Regards Parvez Ali askIITians Faculty Btech ISM Dhanbad
Parvez ali 5 months ago
can i please know,which one is better,nit or iist?what are scopes of space study in india?
To be frank its a very rare chance that you would get a ticket to NASA or a better space organization thatn ISRO by joining ISRO . Ofcourse the job is sure , but its more of a professorship...
kavish Dwivedi one year ago
thescope of space study is very high in india through which u can get admission direclty into NASA or must prefer either the sout nit''s or then iist. ALL THE BEST for your better...
Madhukar Thalore one year ago
it is no doubt that iist has better scope for space is specially designed for that purpose.........may we know your jee main rank we can tell you where to get...
archie sri one year ago
Sir my all india rank in aieee is 9984 and ip is1360 and in uptu is 1420.Please tell me the best college for me. Pls help!!!!
AS PER ME YOU CAN GOR FOR mAHARAJA aGARSEN iNSTITUTE OF tECHNOLOGY OF IP University if u want top branch, else go for NSIT
Varun Kumar one year ago
osmania university
Raghuvaran varan Chandragiri one year ago
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