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 i've got AIR-4134 in agricultural and food engg.branch in iit kharagpur really a good one as i've heard food processing has a lot of demand?does it have a good scope?and what about biotech iit guwhati?

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


better go for iit kharagpur agricultural and food engg..


It has scope if u r gud at it no one can stop u 


BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Plzzzzz approve my answer by clicking on yes below!!!!

4 years ago

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I have some doubts in trigonometry .How can I get it solved
Hi You can post your doubts here and you will get them cleared here itself.
Sunil Kumar 8 days ago
Try to learn all formulas.Try to get all relations betweeen to formulas.Then after prepair for problems from arihant/rd.sharma. Try to look at top universities for future admission The...
abhinaipadachuru 3 days ago
mohit vashishtha 8 days ago
when is jee main 2015 all india ranks going to be declared
24 june.However the timing remains unknown so stay tuned to the jeemain official website.
Havishma Haranath 6 days ago
24 june.However the timing remains unknown so stay tuned to the jeemain official website.
Havishma Haranath 6 days ago
ok got it and thanks
Mohit Kumar 6 days ago
Hello, I am a 11 th class student preparing for JEE-Mains as well as Advanced.. I started my course this April and since then I have been studying regularly for 2 hrs, and revising...
The only thing is that right now you have to practice a lot of questions, so that whatever you have learnt you will have full grasp of concepts , fundas , theories etc etc....
Suraj Prasad 9 months ago
Students are always welcome.... you just do keep practice of question right now and get familiarise with the types of question which JEE asks. i hope all the best for you.....
Suraj Prasad 9 months ago
Ok Sir, Thanks for your help..:)
Vishal Somani 9 months ago
How to securing a website with client SSL certificate
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): How It Works Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology protects your Web site and makes it easy for your Web site visitors to trust you in three essential ways: 1....
Amit Saxena 6 years ago
Reason to Implement SSL in Website.. If you have sensitive data on your site, or the site is intended for a limited audience, you may want to implement user certificate authorization, which ...
Ravi Sharma 6 years ago
Here are some guidelines for the ticket problem description: Provide your site address (URL and path) Is the server Apache or IIS? If the server is not SSL-enabled, can the server admin set ...
Himanshu Vijay 6 years ago
Hello sir now I'm in 11 and I'm also preparing for iit . I want to become a theoretical phycists .so my question is can we do the course of iit for becoming a phycists and if yes den in...
you have to choose research work probably in IISC after jee advance and u should be a astrophysicist and get a job in ISRO
somnath sharma one month ago
but after in iit can’t we get ph.d from iit for reserch instead of iisc?
NIRAJ TIRTHANI one month ago
yes only because u have reservation
somnath sharma one month ago
What are preparatory courses?I belong to SC caste.I scored very low in JEE-ADV.Can I undertake a preparatory course?After its completion,should I attempt JEE exam once again?
It is the course given to those SC, ST category students who had qualified jee advanced under preparatory list. It is for 1 yr duration and you’ll be taught by IIT professors in...
Avinash 13 hours ago
Preparatory course is about the prepration programme run at IITs, for SC and ST cat students, There is min cutoff for every cat, in SC and ST, some students couldn’t qualify the...
Saurabh Kumar 15 hours ago
Why can’t I get in CSE,EEE,etc?Is it based on my performaince in JEE or in preparatory courses?
R K YASHASVI 9 hours ago
your performance in next years jee, you will be a student of IIT anyhow,even that is just for name sake cutt off is very low, if you get chance , u better go since u will already book a...
53 minutes ago
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