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                   how is the book r.d. sharma for xi th nd 12th class....It is the book which has questions of both cbse and upto jee level for clearing concepts upto such level...!!!!!

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Rajat,

Yes RD sharma is self sufficent for JEE Prepration.


Plz approve the answer....!!

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4 years ago

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Can I get any branch at ism Dhanbad even in spot round,my rank in jee advanced 2015 is 10600
Sorry, no chance in first round of counselling... Try to attend 2 nd and 3 rd round of counselling, you may get Mineral Engineering..
Saurabh Kumar 16 days ago
Hi You can refer the following link :
Sunil Kumar 16 days ago
I recommend you to keep an eye on counselling rounds and along with that keep trying finding details of other institutions too, you can simply google out the top engg college in india and...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 11 days ago
IITJEE(Advanced 2015) : Reduction in cut off to 24.5% cannot be made midway after declaring in the brochure at 35%. This prejudices thousands of students who scored between 24.5% and 29% in ...
lol....... ur argument is purely illogical the first crack in ur logic is comparing mains with advanced acording to brocher cutoff must be 35% that may b ri8 but wn iit exam is conducted...
Nicho priyatham 14 days ago
No, argument is not illogical. The trend of cut off in mains vs advanced must be in one direction for all categories.... If a SC-PWD student can be expected to get 12.5% from -7%, then why...
Why Disparity 14 days ago
stop comparing mains and advanced now both can never be compared they huv got a lot of difference in their standard i told u b4 and i am saying u now cutoffs are not decided on feelings or...
Nicho priyatham 14 days ago
P is the remainder when each of the numbers 478, 392, and 263 is divided by N, where N is an integer greater than 1. The value of N – P is: (A) 5 (B) 28 (C) 33 (D) 38
(478-P) , (392-P) and (263-P) should be divisible by N. If 2 numbers are divisible by N, then their difference is also divisble by N. Hene, (478-P)-(392-P) is divisible by N. And,...
Akshay 3 days ago
thanks a lot Mr. Akshay . your answer really helped a lot. May i know, which standard you are in, if you don't mind. thanks again.
vindhya 3 days ago
(478-P) , (392-P) and (263-P) should be divisible by N. If 2 numbers are divi
Akshay 3 days ago
I have scored 249 marks in BITS engineering entrance conducted on 27 th May 2015 can I get admission in BITS campus
you can check last several years cutoffs at following link and compare it with your marks
Abhinav 29 days ago
My opinion is to visit the website of BITS, check the eligibility criteria,cutoff list, admission formalities and other relevant things and try getting admission, ther are certain other...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 28 days ago
visit the official page of bits and check the cut off list and closing ranks hope you get seat in your desired college
sajid 12 days ago
what is the best book to be reffred and practticed for iit maths to get into top 10 ranks?
Calculus, Trigonometry by AM Aggarwal IIT Maths, by ML KHANNA Algebra, and Coordinate Geometry by S K Goyal
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
in my opinion complete CENGAGE SERIES is the best one to get good rank in iit it contains all type of questions that are asked in iit like matrix, multiple ,i nteger etc and it is based on...
ng29 one month ago
arihant series is good for this purpose.
shubham sharda one month ago
Hi sir/mam, My CRL is 1,03,484 and OBC-NCl ranklist is 30,557.Will I get a seat in NIT-Trichy in Production Engineering. For counselling under OBC quota will they see OBC-rank or CRL.And is ...
I will suggest you to visit the official website of JEE main to look for the opening and closing rank of previous year institute wise. All the statistic is available there. Thanks
Vijay Mukti 3 days ago
Vijay Mukti 3 days ago
Theerumalai 3 days ago
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