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Should i take a year drop to get into iit.I haven't done any coaching for my first attempt and got all about 161 marks in jee 2011 and 169 in aieee and 88.6% in this a good to join coaching class in kota keeping in mind my family background rs 15000 per month

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


If you think you are determined enough to study hard and go through jee then do take drop and prepare well with full concentration on jee only

and considering that you scored fairly good without any coaching also predicts better result next time with the aid of coaching

Ofcourse family background matters but considering that clearing jee will alter your life if different way so 1 years hardship is worth it with respect to your future

just keep your priorities straight and work hard

3 years ago

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Sir.... I see different replies to a post..... One says rank around 600 while the other person says rank around 3000
Did you use askiitians rank predictor....or now you can check it at any leading IIT and find out whether you are able to make it there or not, i guide you to do a parallel survey by...
2015 years ago
i am using arihant objective mathematics by amit m agarwal,ml khanna & a das gupta. are these enough for my jee advanced exam preparation or i need to use some more?
Yes, these books are enough for prepration, after this attempt a test series..
Saurabh Kumar 5 days ago
These are good books,try to cover all topics and do atleast two different problems from each concept, There are top unioversities which provide excellent placement opportunities,top...
abhinaipadachuru 4 days ago
these are enough for iit jee
Ajay Kotwal 5 days ago
industrial engineering,manfacturing engineering,manfacturing & industrial engineering are eqivalent to mechanical or not. if not what is the fututre forecast for these branches for...
Actually mechanical is a very general kind of branch which includes study of all this branches. You will learn concepts related to industrial, manufacturing, etc all in mechanical. So at any...
Nishant Vora 9 days ago
Hi.. The branches you have quoted are all good. Since these are not the core branches, so I wont be equating them to Mechanical engineering exactly. But, the study pattern and the placements...
Sakshi 9 days ago
IIT Kharagpur will be better than Delhi, but there are ceratin other institutions which are equally competent, so you may check out the details there and draw a comparison and contrast all...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 7 days ago
Sir, i got clear with VIT but didn’t got much good rank......should i proceed for counselling or not...?????
You can check the cut off marks list on internet by visiting the website of VIT, if it is favourable then you must proceed otherwise you can think of some other reputed institutuions – for...
Ayushmaan Vardhan one month ago
hey mansi just leave the dreams for VIT , and prepare for bitsat and have u done cd of arihant bitsat , whats ur average score approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
there is a pattern in this question TREE 20*1 + 18*2 + 5*3 5*4 = 20+36+15+20 = 91 FEED 6*1 + 5*2 + 5*3 + 4*4 = 6+10+15+16 = 47 MEET 13*1 + 5*2 + 5*3 + 20*4 = 13+10+15+80 =118 i will explain ...
ng29 one month ago
sir i got 139 in jee advanced 2015 and i belongs to sc category can u tell what is the expected category rank ?
According to categoryb rank cutoff list there may be a possibilituy to get a seat at NIt, but someother equally good institutions can also be tried, to name a few i may suggest – SCMS...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 19 days ago
this may be 500-700 this is a bit diffucalt to say it this year because the paper is tough n the parttern is lot changed but since the cutoff is 89 ur 50 marks ahead so u can expect a seat
Nicho priyatham 20 days ago
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