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                   sir i got 210 in jee2011 can i qualify in the exam if which rank i may expect

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Yes you will qualify but will get ranks in 4000-5000

4 years ago

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Currently I am in 11 class.Please give me list of best books for each subject for the preparation of IIT-JEE.
Saurabh Kumar 8 days ago
for solving problems .For oraganic chemistry, buy ARIHANT`S Ranjeeth Shahi for organic chemistry for concepts and GRB Himanshu Pandey for organic chemistry solving problems.(*second books...
erra akhil 8 days ago
Dear Himanshu, It is good to hear that you are preparing for jee exams and hope these books might help you out. MATHS-Problems Plus for IIT Jee by Asit Das Gupta is good and you can use...
erra akhil 8 days ago
What are two similarities between a DC motor and an AC generator?
They both rely on the principle of electromagnetic in induction. The both contain coils of wire magnets or electromagnets and they both have rotating parts. The AC generator will probably...
Abhishek Kumar 3 months ago
Ironically, a DC motor/generator has to have a commutator or electronic circuit that constantly switches the windings while an AC motor/generator has a constant connection between the power ...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
parts.The AC generator will probably work as an AC motor and the DC motor will probably work as a DC generator.The AC generator will turn rotational energy into electrical energy with an...
vikas yadav 3 months ago
sir I got crl 30640 category:general .. can i get a good college?? can u please name them??
you can get Nits, there are many choices for you check the previous years opening and closing ranks for a better insight plz approve
Prajwal Kavad yesterday
you really have a good rank, dont worry you will get good branches in 3 rd or 4 th round
Mondo Camry yesterday
I wanted say that i have seen last year’s opening and closing rank of nits bt till last year nits iiits and cftis had their own seperate couselling and mains rank were also different bt...
Rohit Bharti yesterday
My suggestion is to visit official website of IIt/NIT to check the current status of counselling rounds and be a little more active to make out what is your stature….…..else some other...
5 hours ago
Thank you so much sir for ur suggestion :) :)
2 hours ago
sir please suggest any of good individual bio coaching classes for aiims and aipmt in indore mp sir please reply fast
Hi.. For the individual classes for AIPMT and AIIMS, you can register yourself at the askiitians website for coaching. We provide you enough study material as well as coaching from the...
Sakshi 2 days ago
Hi. I was not able to understand the syllabus in my intermediate text books(Telugu Akademi). Will you please tell me the books for the preparation of BIITSAT which can be easily understood...
Reference Books for Engineering Entrance Exam Chemistry NCERT Chemistry text books of class XI and class XII (usually sufficient) Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd (only for...
Sourabh Singh 4 months ago
There are avalibillity of Telugu academy entrance exam books not normal telugu academy text books.If you prepare from that or from arihant or RD.Sharma. In future the universities which...
abhinaipadachuru 17 days ago
you can use cengage material for preparation
sajid 12 days ago
I am getting around 220 to 250 in bitsat sample papers.. i wanted to ask if these sample paper questions are of same difficulty level as of bitsat real paper?
look its nice that u are scoring 250 in sample papers but to get admission in bits min score is 300 and it depends on luck that whether exam level is easy or diif than sample paers so...
ng29 one month ago
it is very big task to get a chance to attempt those bonus questions as u have to attempt all questions in that limited time and with accuracy, and level of that questions cant be predicted ...
ng29 one month ago
ok ty.. nd yes are the extra bonus questions which we get in bitsat after attempting 150 easy? or its the smae level as that of paper?
jigesh one month ago
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