WHAT should be my marks in JEE 2011 to get CSE/ECE/EEE/Aeronautics/MECH. in IT BHU (in the top 7 IIT'S also) plzz dont show me 2010 analysis roughly tell me marks and rank 

2 years ago


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Askiitians provide the IIT JEE cut off along with the opening and closing ran given below for IIT JEE cut off:


Click for opening and closing ranks:  http://www.askiitians.com/iits-2009-2010-opening-and-closing-rank.aspx

Thanks and All the Best ..

2 years ago


around 320 to get Mechanical in IITB and IITD

around 290 to get mech in IITM , IITK ,IITKgp

around 275 to get IITR Mechanical

Around 265 to get IITG Mechanical........

and 250 to get mechanical in BHU

2 years ago

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