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For Mechanical Branch, plz give old iits preference order?  With 190 marks  in IIT-JEE2011  can I get  into old IIts in Mechanical Branch?  I belongs to SC Category. Plz..................answer soon......

4 years ago


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Is H.C.Verma enough for IIT-JEE?
Not so, for good books, it is also mentioned on askiitians home page.
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
IT is more than enough if u solve it fully, cnge book are too big and will take lots of time, hc verma and irodov are more than enough, even the top batch students in kota solve only these...
Prajwal Kavad 2 days ago
no not at all if u do HCV then also do all previous iit questions n irodov otherwise leave HCV and do cengage
Nicho priyatham 21 days ago
sir I got crl 30640 category:general .. can i get a good college?? can u please name them??
you can get Nits, there are many choices for you check the previous years opening and closing ranks for a better insight plz approve
Prajwal Kavad yesterday
you really have a good rank, dont worry you will get good branches in 3 rd or 4 th round
Mondo Camry yesterday
I wanted say that i have seen last year’s opening and closing rank of nits bt till last year nits iiits and cftis had their own seperate couselling and mains rank were also different bt...
Rohit Bharti yesterday
My suggestion is to visit official website of IIt/NIT to check the current status of counselling rounds and be a little more active to make out what is your stature….…..else some other...
7 hours ago
Thank you so much sir for ur suggestion :) :)
3 hours ago
In the branch named “electrical engineering in any of the listed specializations”(dual degree), when i have to specialise my course?
You can do within the graduation period of 5 years and following are the dual degree courses offer in IITs B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) + M.Tech in Information and Communication...
Avinash 2 days ago
Its a dual degree programme, duration of 5 year(B Tech + M Tech). At the end of the final year you will get the specialization(if you preformed well in the subjects)
Saurabh Kumar 2 days ago
In a dual degree there is a multi-faceted benefit, to start with if one wants to quit the degree then he/she can do so after the completion of first one and secondly, two degree will be...
Soneel Verma yesterday
should i take metallurgy or mining branch which would be benefecial
If ISM Dhanbad..go for Mines, otherwise Metallurgy.
Saurabh Kumar 24 days ago
recently i visited MNIT via ASM and saw that there were lot of fields in metallurgical dept and powder metallurgy is of the best field
grenade 24 days ago
dont go for metallurgy their are very no placements better go for mining u will get a central government job easily approve if useful
Nicho priyatham 23 days ago
im studying 12 th class now im going write my jee mains exam in next year k then what is the syllabus for jee mains and how to prepare physics and jee mains???what are the important...
Complete syllabus for jee is available on the askIITians website. Also the weightage of different chapters/topics in different subjects is also available on its website. For analysis of...
Vijay Mukti 8 days ago
Dear student, Go to this link Thanks
Nishant Vora 8 days ago
You can consult NCERT books right from 10 th std to 12 th and make them as a base, plus download previous year’s question papers/assignments/question banks etc and go for extensive...
Soneel Verma 7 days ago
i have got112 marks in jee main 2015 and ecepting 90% marks in class 12 cbse what wil be my rank
You got above cutoff marks.But it is very near to cutoff so it is too hard to be selected into top universities so.try other top universities which provide you good placement...
abhinaipadachuru 16 days ago
YOU ARE ON THE DEEADLINE OF CUTOFF marks because last year cut off was 115 and this year it is expected to be 125, but just wait for result. approve if useful
ng29 2 months ago
you will not qualify main and your rank will not be calculated approve if useful
ng29 2 months ago
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