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I am in 12th now and want to start preparing for JEE now. I want to buy all the 8 books listed in your site for mathematics.

Is that sufficient to get a very good rank. I mean 'very good'.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear student,

Yes these books are more than enough.....

4 years ago

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sir;if the cut of is 124(general) in jee advanced and i get 142 then what is my expected rank.general category
Hi, You may expected you rank in between 10k-15k. Actually rank depends on many factors like cutoff marks, number of students appread, your category etc. Best of Luck!!
Vijay Mukti 12 days ago
You should better visit the official link of the IIT where you hope to make it....but your score is not much promising, so I recommend you to visit the official websites of the below given...
Soneel Verma 4 days ago
Sir, My daughter got 120 marks in JEE mains and 971/1000 in Telangana Intermediate board exams. Can she get a seat in any NITs in ECE or EEE or CSE?
Yeah she can get seat corresponding to these branches.There are many NITs in which she can get a seat for this rank.
Aziz Alam 2 months ago
Dear Sir, Kindly be active and keep an eye on counselling rounds, your daughter has bright chances to get an admission at an NIT...apart from that you may also ask her or you yourself may...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 6 days ago
yes she have chances to get in nit see for the councelling process hope she get the desired college
sajid 7 days ago
When you say “cut off” for general categoryis 124 (jee advanced 2015) does that mean that the person getting 124 marks gets the last rank in jee advanced or the last seat in iit?
Ranking is done according to the basis of overall availability of seats in IITs. The last availability is equivalent to the cutoff marks of acquired by the student.
Avinash 13 days ago
If suppose 6000 seats are there in IITs combined, person with cutoff marks will be last to get a seat in IIT.
Nishant Vora 13 days ago
Cutoff for Gen Cat 124 means that students from gen cat scoring less than 124 are not allowed to get admission in IIT....what is your are in or not.....if not then try...
Soneel Verma 4 days ago
2.Two pendulum of length 1.21m and 1m start vibrating. At some instant the two are in the mean position in same phase. After how many vibrations of the longer pendulum will they be in the...
since time period depends on sq. root of length T 1 /T 2 =sqr. root(L 1 /L 2 ) = 1.1 it imples T 1 =1.1T 2 ------> 10 T 1 =11 T 2 it implies after 10 s\oscillations of first pendulum and 10 ...
Abhishek Singh 5 months ago
i got 30621 rank in b.arch where can i get seat
In what jee or nata
milind 11 months ago
What is your score
milind 11 months ago
milind 11 months ago
jee main ranks?
JEE (Main) ranks likely to be announced today
Vijay Mukti 18 hours ago
They are expected to be out today
Avinash 16 hours ago
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