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                   There is a topic in 2011 jee, called ENERGETICS. What is there in this topic?

4 years ago


Answers : (2)


its mainly deal energies evolved in reactions

4 years ago

thermodynamics in chemestry is energetics...

4 years ago

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how maNY tyms a person could attempt the exam
JEE advanced can be attempted for maximum of 2 times. Thanks.
Vijay Mukti 8 hours ago
Three attempt for JEE mains. Thanks
Vijay Mukti 7 hours ago
thank u sir and mains could be attempetd how mant times
prateek 8 hours ago
jee mains 3 times and Jee advanced 2 times,bitsat also 2 times
-29 minutes ago
how much are the minimum marks needed for getting into some decent iit
Dear Student, You need 250-300 for a good branch in new IITS and >300 for old IITs and branch depends on rank. Thanks
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Dear Student, You need 250-300 for a good branch in new IITS and >300 for old IITs and branch depends on rank. Thanks
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Atleast 55% of the total marks, only then you can be in good IITs with a good branch.
Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago
Currently I am in 11 class.Please give me list of best books for each subject for the preparation of IIT-JEE.
Saurabh Kumar 12 days ago
for solving problems .For oraganic chemistry, buy ARIHANT`S Ranjeeth Shahi for organic chemistry for concepts and GRB Himanshu Pandey for organic chemistry solving problems.(*second books...
erra akhil 12 days ago
Dear Himanshu, It is good to hear that you are preparing for jee exams and hope these books might help you out. MATHS-Problems Plus for IIT Jee by Asit Das Gupta is good and you can use...
erra akhil 12 days ago
first complete both ncert and ncert exemplar in all three subjects then go for physics: hc verma cemistry: jd lee(inorganic) rc muckerjee(physical) resonance study material(organic) Maths;...
-34 minutes ago
i wanted to know whether doing mtech software engineering (5 year integerated course ) in VIT is good or not ??.........i also wanted to know abt its job oppurtunities and its scope?
To my mind VIT Vellore has earned a very good image in the field of education and it is a wise decision to get integrated degree from there, to find out the level of job opportunities or to ...
Aniket Bagga 25 days ago
ya VIT is not a bad collage as ppl say but it is better to go abroad for mtech than doing it in VIT to no about placement go to facebook n search for VIT students group n find about...
Nicho priyatham 25 days ago
i will recomment not do to mtech from VIT becoz it is not a brand rarher u prefer an nit or bits plz aprve
grenade 25 days ago
What are the placement statistics of IIIT Allahabad's 2015 passing-out batch?
Hi, This information you can easily fatch from their official website. Thanks.
Vijay Mukti 11 hours ago
I want to know about the campus placements of iit kanpur in year 2014 as well as in 2015 of civil engineering..i.e. lowest salary,average salary,recruiters companies,etc.
of course all good companies like google ,zenefits , amazon , flipkart , snapdeal offers a good package and priority for these companies is best iit thats kanpur , delhi , roorke as they...
ng29 4 days ago
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