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as i am OC student i want to know the reservation percentage for iit exam and i want to clarift is ther any regional reservations in iit.

4 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Bhargav

Therer is no reservation for open category and no reservation based on region.

All the best.




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4 years ago

dear bhargav , 

there is no reservation for oc in any of the competative exams. and there are no regional reservations.

reservations are-

15% and 7.5% seats in each course are reserved for candidates belonging to SC and ST categories, respectively.

3% seats are reserved for Physical disabilities candidates (including leprosy-cured) as specified by the Government of India.For any category of disability (viz., locomotor, visual, speech and hearing), benefit would be given to those candidates who have at least 40% permanent physical impairment in relation to a body part / system / extremity / extremities / whole body etc.

4 years ago

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naina 3 months ago
if u dont understand any part of d answer let me know and if u did understand den approve it!:P
naina 3 months ago
SRUTI 3 months ago
if my rank would be 51562 in jee main 2015 then i can expect nit calicut
Not Possible. As NIT calicut if the preferred NIT.
Vijay Mukti 6 days ago doesn’t seem to be can try finding out the details for admission at other reputed and renowned institutions offering engg programs...if asked, i may suggest to visit ...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 6 days ago
no not possible you can look out for some other institutes that punjab university thapar, JTTu, Lovely professionall university, and JECRC and many more
rahul 5 days ago
I am getting top NIT’s but only upto civil and chemical branch but I want to get CS so should i join nit and try for branch upgradation or should I drop ? Also while placement can I get job ...
Taking a drop is not a good option as you are already getting the top NIT’s. You get try for scoreing high in your first year and then apply for branch change. Yes, if you are good in...
Vijay Mukti 25 days ago
Don’t drop..getting into an NIt is an Honour..why don’t you go for Chemical the coming years there is going to be a rampant demand of this branch...anyway thats your own choice...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 24 days ago
i think you should not drop out as you getting into top nits but depends on your interest all the best
sajid 8 days ago
I wanted to know which is the topmost college { in placement wise n also ranking wise} in IIT’S as well as NIT’s !!
Top NIT”s are 1 warangal 2 Tiruchirapalli-Tamil Nadu 3 Suratkal , Mangalore 4 Delhi 5 Allahabad top IITs are Kanpur. New Delhi. There are many universities which provide you excellent...
abhinaipadachuru 12 days ago
iit bombay is one if the top college also had a goog ranking in the world and nit warangal ….….. if you satisfy with my answer so please just click on approve button ...and if you have any...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 12 days ago
top IITs are Kanpur. New Delhi. mumbai Top NIT”s are 1 warangal 2 Tiruchirapalli-Tamil Nadu 3 Suratkal , Mangalore 4 Delhi 5 Allahabad
sajid 9 days ago
hello. which phycics competative book I choose for alpmt?
Hi, The best book that you can choose for Physics is HC Verma volume 1 & 2. That will be more than sufficient. Alternatively you can take Arihants, or any other publicatrion...
Yash Baheti 3 months ago
PLease refer Hit approve if u got even a little help by my answer :) Thanks .
Drake 2 months ago
Arihant objective series by Dc pandey would be best in my openion. it has previous years ques of AIPMT also.
shubham sharda 2 months ago
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