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I am currently in 10th class.I am trying to complete my 11th pcm ncert books by the beginning of april.Then i wish to join distance learning of a good coaching.Is this is right or i should join classroom contact pogramme of any coaching.

4 years ago


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Dear rajat,

Its good that you are preparing hard for IIT JEE.I suggest you better concentrate well on you 10th topics, at this stage try to have strong base in PCM.If you think you are good at them and if you have enough time do 11th class ncert books.After that , i suggest you join class room contact program.It would be better for a dedicated student like you.

Please feel free to ask your queries here. We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best.

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Askiitians Expert

Suryakanth –IITB

4 years ago

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good afternoon sir i am studying +2 now .sir i want to know which author’s book is well suitable for me to prepare for jee mains and advanced?
The Best way to prepare is to make NCERT books as a base and to download question papers or test papers of previous years for practice. this way one gets to know about the style of the...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 6 days ago
No book better than NCERT. The best minds in India come together to make it. NCERT has the basics. If u are excellent in the NCERT art u will definitely cross 250 in JEE Mains and you will...
Karthik one month ago
For physics if you want a book other than NCERT then HC VERMA the best for physics. Chemistry NCERT is sufficient. Maths there are quite a few good books like books from Arihanth, ML Khanna ...
Karthik one month ago
I have a iit rank of 5834......which iit can i enroll into....and which subject can i get with this rank......
Try visiting the official websites of IITs and some chosen one reputed institutions where you can justifiably locate the right place for advise willbe to try at – Charotar...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 5 days ago
AT THIS RANK U WILL GET MINING ENGINEERING AT ISM DHANBAD OR IIT BHU Plz. approve my answer by clicking 'Yes' given below, if you loved it......... Plz. Plz. Plz. don't forget to do...
mohit vashishtha 7 days ago
i should enroll into IIT JODHPUR and mechanical branch just check out
rahul 5 days ago
which are the best books for cbse boards 12th
NCERT is more than enough
Prajwal Kavad 2 days ago
HC verma for physics and rc mukerjee,jd lee,op tandon for chemistry
Prajwal Kavad 2 days ago
if you want extra pratice go for RD sharma for maths
Prajwal Kavad 2 days ago
sir i m really in need of ur help …. atually my rank is 4965 in general and i m oc..according to the previous year ranks i may get jodhpur mech,iit guwahati design,iit kharagpur...
If you are not particular about branch go as IIT G, IIT Kgp, IIT R then go for new IITs but if it is the other way choose according to branch ec ee cs mech etc
Avinash yesterday
dont see salary or scope and all , just select the branch in which you are intrested
Prajwal Kavad yesterday
go for wat you are intrested in
Prajwal Kavad yesterday
I got biotechnology in Banasthali. Is it good to get into it? What about the placements and atmosphere their?
Generally biotech is research based branch and no labborious work. If youu are more interested in biological sciences and research works its the best thing for you and about college do some...
Avinash 14 days ago
It would be a better one if you ask some of the previous student who are studying,go and see the college once. There are many colleges in india which provide excellent placement...
tiny 9 days ago
If you are more interested in biological sciences and research works its the best thing for you more interested in biological sciences and research works its the best thing for you
sajid 9 days ago
Between CSE at SRM and CSE at UPES , which is a better choice
cse at upes is bettter than cse at srm as upes is good coolege and reputated among all private colleges in all aspects so u must go for upes , as its infrastructure is also better than srm...
ng29 23 days ago
upes being a brand it is having quality too
grenade 22 days ago
+upes is better college
ng29 23 days ago
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