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i am gtting production & ind engg. at IIT roorkee , also i got mechanical engg. at NIT kurushetra which qne will b better can u tell that what is the scope of production & ind. engg. Also ni think that i will be able to upgade my stream in IIT. plz hlp.

7 years ago


Answers : (1)



Upgrading your stream in IIT roorkee is an option but you cant take admission to a college in a hope that you will upgrade your stream. If , by chance it wont happen then you wil be stuck in no where. If it would have been so easy then you would have got a better stream directly. There will be same people above you in the college who had got better rank than you in the entrance exam.

Besides that mechanical engg. is more reputed than production & ind. engg and iit roorkee still hadn't got that kind of reputation which iits like iitd and bombay have. Besides that NIT kurushetra, especially mechanical engg is really good there and lots of big name as recruiters come there.

I really think that you should go for mech. in NIT kurushetra

7 years ago

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Plz tell a good book for improving mental ability in class 10 as ,y aim is to crack iit jee exam. Im in class 9 by the way, but tell me a good book for improving mental ability in class 10. ...
@ anirudh go with mtg , they are simply awesome , u can even try out the trishna foundation series also for class 10 th ,, else go with mtg ,they are actually a good mental ability book ....
Umakant biswal one month ago
YOU CAN BUY Mental Ability for NTSE for Class 10 (Quick Start for grade 7, 8, & 9) BY DISHA EXPERTS Master Mental Ability In 30 Days (Ntse, Nso, Nco, Imo) BY NA AUTHOR
SAHIL one month ago
what books i have to used for jee exam preparation. i am a dropper.
@ yashwant If u are a dropper assuming that u have an idea about each and every concept of class 11 th and 12 th . u can use the following books for your preparation 1- concept of physics...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
SAHIL one month ago
Sir can you please tell my that how much marks I needed in JEE mains to get a seat in civil engineering in NIT Suratkal by ST quota
You need to have around 1500 ST rank for beingeligibile. Marks is not fix as cut off varies every year. Stil you can take roughly around 130 or so to get the desired rank..
Harsh Patodia one month ago
My question is that Will aiims2016 would take place
@ aditi yes, aiims will take place on 2016 .. as aiims is a independent organisation , so, they will not come under neet , u can also download the admit card of the same by logging in into...
Umakant biswal 5 months ago
no it will not take place as instead of it neet is conducted thanks and approve my answer regards sahil...........................
SAHIL 5 months ago
I have scored 106 in jee mains 2016 and 90.40 percent in pcm in isc board 2016. Which college can i get through jee mains.Please guide me. I am from general category
Hii you can get the lowest cadre of NIts n that too normal branches with this kind of score. Best of Luck in advance
Sourabh Singh 5 months ago
If you are interested in low-grade NITs then only search for them otherwise there are numberless reputed colleges and universities wekll known for their quality teaching due to widely...
Aneesh Sehgal 5 months ago
Being from General category its very difficult for you to get a seat in any of NITs. Still you can try in them but chance are negligible. But you can try for private colleges as there are...
Natasha Roy 5 months ago
i've got 510 gen and 100 obc rank in nest 2016. is it enough to get admission in niser, bhubaneshwar ?
@ nalin . Yes , with this score u can take admission to niser bbsr , but not in 1 st round bt in 2 nd round councelling . Btw kindly tell me your niser score of 2016 , in the previous year...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
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Get extra R 3,750 off

  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
  • View Details

Get extra R 3,750 off

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