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How should we manage our time to study the present going course in the institute and also to revise the the material which is being done in the inst. side by side?

And also how much time it takes to revise the whole syllabus of iit jee + additional books????


4 years ago


Answers : (2)


DEAR tushar,

No doubt its very tedious to manage time when we are taking coaching as well but somehow we have to maintain an equilibrium between the two and revise our coaching notes on a daily basis or atleast on weekly basis.

To revise the whole syllabus properly one requires atleast 2-3 weeks and you have to study with full commitment and dedication. Remember your first shot has to be the BEST shot.

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All the best.

Askiitians Experts
Sagar Singh

4 years ago

Thanks bhaiya for your advice........but can u tell me how i should revise the course so that i can strengthen my concepts of phy, chem, maths,...????? 

4 years ago

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if the error in the measurement of momentum of a particle is 10% and mass is known exactly,the permissible error in the determination of kinetic energy is
yes 21% u can apply calucus only when error is very small or less then 1 here error is 10% so by calucus u get 2*10 =20 which is wrong to do such problems first take P 1 =100 and calulate...
Nicho priyatham 22 days ago
i did not get it i am extemely sorry.i mean why should we put p=110
bidisha baruah 21 days ago
are u sure??the answer in my book is 21%
bidisha baruah 22 days ago
What is 7+7÷7+7×7-7 ?
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d.kojalrani 3 months ago
vikas yadav 3 months ago
by bodmas,which means Divison,multiplication,addition,subtraction fallow the sequience. In future if you are willing to take admission in top universities with your desired degree then try...
abhinaipadachuru 6 days ago
i am expecting 190-200 jee main paper 2 and scored 94.45 in tamilnadu board exam. can i get architecture spa and nits?
Hi.. As per the scores you are describing, since your percentage is good, there are chances that you can get architecture in NITs. You can also try for other branches in other NITs also....
Sakshi 15 days ago
No its difficult to get seat in SPA or NIT as you are very far from expected cutoff range.
Avinash 15 days ago
Its difficult in getting selected in top university. there are many universities which provide you excellent placement,top infrastructure,desired course The top universities 1 BITS, Pilani...
abhinaipadachuru 14 days ago
Which govt. college can i get at AIR overall 375000 and AIR category 224000 in jee mains? I belong to general category. Thank you..
As per your category rank you may get the following govt.colleges: National Institute of Technology, Dimapur--Electrical & Electronics Engineering--Round 2 – 227490 National...
Ramreddy 11 months ago
so, you are saying category rank is considered in NITs?? Thankyou. plz reply
Sir,these are home state quota rank!!!!
I have scored 122 in jee mains ( predicted rank of 70000 , general category), with 90% cbse 12 th and now i want to know which best colleges it can lead me to? I also have a doubt that i...
it would be difficult for you to get any NIT with this rank. So you can opt for VIT if you feels like doing so. You should also prepare for bitsat and all you might get another option. hope...
Abhinav one month ago
You need to work hard to get good marks for entering in a government engineering college. You can apply for private engineering colleges. There are number of colleges available which has a...
Leepika Roy one month ago
Thank you, but thapar university is a well renowned one which requires last cut off rank of 50k and I ​may not get that much.The other 2 I haven't seen in any ranking also(sorry, don't...
Rishabh one month ago
Sir my jee mains score is 110 , gen. category and cbse board 12 th percentage is 93% , so which colleges can I get .
The minimum marks in jee mains exams that it need to obtain is around 120 for general category. So it would be difficult to get into a government college. You can apply for private...
Leepika Roy one month ago
JEE score with gen category is not very promising, on the basis of your +2 score you can get admission at some reputed college/university, you can try at- Maharaja Sayajirao Uni of Baroda,...
Ayushmaan Vardhan one month ago
VERY less chances for any government colleges u can try for JAYPEE NOIDA , may be thay offer scholarship on basis of ur boards percentage , u can check on internet , also try for upes...
ng29 one month ago
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