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Hello....I am Sherfin from Cochin and i've just finished 10nth and started my 11th classes both in kerala state syllabus.I really want to get an admission in any IIT(Computer Science) but it is not practical for me to attend specialised IIT Coaching Classes because im already too much filled up.


So is it possible for me to do it by self study using IIT books and all that ? or am i being too proud ? can some1 please advice me ?


P.S:Dont tell me to join costly online courses and all that,i can't risk too much.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


You can do it. following are refernce books sufficient for self study:


Tmh for Algebra

SL Loney for Coordinate

Arihant's Calculus(both diff and integral)


HC Verma


P Bhadur 

Ncert (MUST)

4 years ago

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Is JRS Tutorials, Varanasi(U.P.) up to the level of IITJEE.
Yes,JRS is good for jee mains and advance. Well its not the coaching institution that makes an IITian,Its the hard work and complete dedication of a student.
2015 years ago
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Try flipkart. They are available there.
Rakesh Singh 3 months ago
Hello Student, Pls post full question again
Nishant Vora one month ago
just work hard in all three . Hit approve if u got even a little help by my answer :) Thanks .
Drake 17 days ago
Read Aman Goel’s blog. It is a huge help to aspirants like us!
RON one month ago
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