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I am Rajat.I had brought some books for jee.For maths S.l. liney for trigonometry Hall & Knight for alzebra,Arihant's amit.m.aggarwal for vectors & 3d geometry,S.l. loney for coordinate geometry & G.N. Berman for integral & differential calculus.For physics H.C. Verma. & for physical chemistry Arithant ,for inorganic chemistry i am refering ncert & for organic chemistry o.p.tandon.Are these books are suffecient for iit-jee preparartion.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


These books are more than sufficient for preparation for IIT JEE. And I must say, these books are actually in excess for a focussed study. I would suggest you the books that are given here. The specialised books like Hall and Knoght, Loney etc are not required. see the link:

4 years ago

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its the end of october and now i have only 3 -4 months left for 12 boards and jee main ….I m really scared ...please tell me how to prepare myself in the remaining time.I have to get 95% +...
Hi, If you have taken coaching from class 11 itself. Then, focus on the revision of notes and solve test papers to see where you stand. But, don’t ignore your board exams as well....
Shobhit Varshney 7 months ago
Hi, Please don’t be nervous. Do your best, make study plan. Now, focus on your boards. Try the entrance exams next year....
Shobhit Varshney 7 months ago
sir i m taking a coaching for iit jee main + advanced from class 11 itself but now i feel scared ...
sarthak 7 months ago
Hi, I need advise on your self study materials for IIT Jee examination.
For IIT JEE, you must be concptually sound. In order to achieve that, it is important to expose yourself to some of the excellent books on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These are some...
Mihir 11 days ago
h.c.verma’s phy’s books ,,r.d. sharma’s math books,,,,,o.p.tandan‘s chy’ books are referable
SAITEJA GOUD 10 days ago
A car with a gun mounted on it is kept on horizontal frictionless surface. Total mass of car, gun and shell is 50kg. Mass of each shell is 1kg. If shell is fired horizontally with relative...
Hi, assume the velocity of car after recoil = -v (in opposite direction) and the velocity of sheel wrt to ground = u so , u – (-v) = u +v = 100 Apply conservation of momentum in this...
Shobhit Varshney 7 months ago
thanks sir, but the recoil velocity after second shot is asked .. but I calculated it by following the above method … Thank you :-)
Vikrant Prasad 6 months ago
its 4.04 m/s
Vikrant Prasad 6 months ago
Sir/Madam , my score in jee main 2015 is 91 and i scored 91% aggregate and 93.25% in best four . Do i stand a chance to get admission in NSIT ? Is it an eligibility criteria to qualify jee...
i checked out past year closing rank for ‘Manuf. process and Automation Eng. ‘ branch at NSIT . It was 28000 approx . I might secure that rank (final ALL INDIA RANK ) but only the...
lakshay gaur yesterday
look lakshay in my opinioon u will not be able to get nsit , as it is very good college and filled at earlier ranks but i reccomend u to do counsellingand just hope for best else u can try...
ng29 yesterday
lakshay gaur yesterday
Consider Two Concentric circles C 1 : x 2 +y 2 -1=0 & C 2 : x 2 +y 2 -4=0. A parabola is drawn through the points where ‘C 1 ‘ meets the X-axis & having arbitrary tangent of ‘C 2 ’ as its...
see the parabola will pass through 1,0 and -1,0......let the points tangent at c2 be 2costheta,2sintheta....take any random point h,k as focus whose locus we have to per...
akash 2 months ago
see the parabola will pass through 1,0 and -1,0......let the points tangent at c2 be 2costheta,2sintheta....take any random point h,k as focus whose locus we have to per...
akash 2 months ago
Hi, I am really confused on how to prepare for jee advanced . Can anyone help me with a study plan or most important topic to study …. Thanks in advance . :) :) :)
Mathematics: 1. First you must be able to solve problems from NCERT class XI and class XII books. 2. For best concepts you can purchase ‘IIT Mathematics’ by M.L.Khanna. 3. For...
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
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