can anyone tell me does nit wrangal?trichy have more brand name than iit guwahati??

3 years ago


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Dear Jack Dawson,

                            First of all  IIT's brand name is more good than the NIT's..and then coming to IIT guwahati you will have more broad exposure than the NIT's..and if you compare three colleges are very good..placments are really very good in all the three colleges but IIT is IIT and NIT is as per me if you get IIT (old) then go for it than the NIT warangal or trichy bcoz my friends so many join in NIT waragal even though they got in IIT (old) after that they realised that they did a wrong please choose good on and go for it.

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All the best..


kishore_IIT bombay

3 years ago

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