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                   among chemical at iit guwhati and mettalurgical at khragpur or madras whic one will offer me a beeter salary package in campus selection...plzzz reply this time 

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Jack,

Chemical is supposed to be an evergreen branch and thus will definitely have much more options than Metallurgy. In terms of Package Metallurgy companies are high end govt. organizations or Companies outside india. You might find a job at a very high salary package there at IIT Kharagpur. But Chemical will certainly give a better job in INdia as well as abroad.

All the best!!!!

5 years ago

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What is 7+7÷7+7×7-7 ?
the answer is 0
d.kojalrani 3 months ago
vikas yadav 3 months ago
by bodmas,which means Divison,multiplication,addition,subtraction fallow the sequience. In future if you are willing to take admission in top universities with your desired degree then try...
abhinaipadachuru 8 days ago
can i get admission in nit by getting 78000 all india rank
I will suggest you to visit the official website of JEE main to look for the opening and closing rank for previous year of different rounds. All the statistic is available there. Thanks
Vijay Mukti 2 days ago
To get a complete view and a detailed information regarding your stature you need to visit the official weblink of JEE Mains and you may be able to find out the exact stature of yours,...
Ayushmaan Vardhan yesterday
Hi all, Now that I have just finished my board exams, and after a break of 3 weeks, I now plan to start my JEE preparation. I have purchased a no. of books for it and joined coaching as...
first of all rd sharma is not good book for preparation for iit exam u must prefer cengage publications books for maths , it is awesome and contains good quantity of questions with good...
ng29 2 months ago
@ng29, Thanks for the answer(approved!). However, I do know that RD Sharma is not for IIT. I only intend to use it as a stepping stone from NCERT to books like Hall Knight and GN Berman....
Amartya 2 months ago
Make NCERT books as a base and get previous years’ question papers and assignments etc so that you may practice them and come across the style of question paper, plus you need to surf on...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 12 days ago
how does 2 bonus will affect the sc cutoff? please tell me..
In which category you are ?
Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago
as ihave previously also explained u that bonus had no effect on cut off cut off is based on thr difficulty of paper or u can just wait till 27 april for official cutoff as in newspaper...
ng29 2 months ago
Bonus will not all effect your sc cutoff.There are many Universities which provide you Excellent communication facilities,Enhance your placement opportunities.They also provide you...
abhinaipadachuru 19 days ago
Hi sir/mam, My CRL is 1,03,484 and OBC-NCl ranklist is 30,557.Will I get a seat in NIT-Trichy in Production Engineering. For counselling under OBC quota will they see OBC-rank or CRL.And is ...
I will suggest you to visit the official website of JEE main to look for the opening and closing rank of previous year institute wise. All the statistic is available there. Thanks
Vijay Mukti 4 days ago
Vijay Mukti 4 days ago
Theerumalai 4 days ago
i dont know which course (engg./pure science)i should select .i dont seem to have any passion
Listen to your heart first...if it guides you in a right channel follow it otherwise listen to your brain and think the years to come you have to be well settled as in...
Soneel Verma one month ago
i will prefer u to pursue ur engg in computer science as it is very vast field and has very application parts that are very interesting languages in computer are very intersting also...
ng29 one month ago
if you are not having the passion then don’t do
grenade one month ago
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