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my air is 7948 in jee 2010.which branch can i get in any iits whether old or new?what are the total no of seats in iit 2010?


5 years ago


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Is JEE 2016 going to be subjective, like where you have to write descriptive answers, as it used to be in the past?
Hi.. I do not think that 2016 jee will be a subjective one as no decision has been made,. Moreover taking such a big decision will require time and also time for student so certainly it will...
Sakshi 14 days ago
No I do not think that JEE 2016 will be a subjective one as no decision has been made till date.
Vijay Mukti 14 days ago
i think subjective paper will be more good . ….. by this quality of selection become better … and only persons could went to iit those have perfect conceptual as well as application...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 14 days ago
Hello Sir/MadamI’ve got 342000 rank in jee mains and sc 19482 and having delhi home state qouta and futjer having scedule caste reservation so can i expect to get into dtu ,nit and...
Okay, Your score and category may land you into an NIT but to make sure whether you may get a branch of your own choice or not, you should visit the official website of that very NIT from...
2015 years ago
What does (O) mean in chemistry?
I assume it means Oxygen if it's meant to be its chemical symbol but I don't really understand the question
vikas yadav 3 months ago
It’s means oxygen Try to look at universities which provide excellent placement opportunities top infrastructure. The universities are Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi...
abhinaipadachuru 5 days ago
noogler 8 days ago
Sir, I scored 72 marks in JEE MAINS and 90% in CBSE BOARD,and I have reservation in SC .What will be my ranking? Will I get any NIT?
Hi You can get NIT with your category reservation. DO look into the couselling and branches carefully.
Sunil Kumar 11 days ago
Hi.. For the ranking, you can refer to the rank predictor given on the askiitians website. Now, as per the marks you are...
Sakshi 11 days ago
according to your marks you have chances to get in a good nit see the councelling process and branches
sajid 11 days ago
which book to prefer in class 11?
For class 11, I would suggest you to follow NCERT book for chemistry, Biology and Maths. For physics you can refer to some help books other than NCERT Text book. You will find a list of...
Gaurav one month ago
I belong to Telanga board. In JEEMain confirmation details I found that my hall ticket number is correct but it is given as AP Board .I mistakenly confirmed my details . Is it going to be a ...
You should write e-mail stating your problem to e-mail address given on site of JEE Mains for help.
Abhinav 28 days ago
You can mail them and try to contact them atleast in phone and get it corrected. The top universities which provide you excellent placement oportunities,good communication...
abhinaipadachuru 13 days ago
I have mailed them and even tried to contact over phone. But there is no reply. phone lines are always busy,
Praneeth 27 days ago
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