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How can I get my result online? on which website? at what time? Pls tell me!

5 years ago


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i m getting aerospace in iit bombay in mock seat allotment today .it would be better .i m so confused bcoz i m getting mnc at iit kanpur ,iitg ...iitg,bhu mechnical , nhu electronics.. ism...
What interests you the most?.....I guess no one can answer this question better than you, right?....and secondly you have mentioned all the reputed institutions in your query, about BHU...
Ayushmaan Vardhan yesterday
i would suggest to opt for that branch which you like. you'll surely be successful. best of luck and all colleges are good.
vindhya 2 days ago
thnx :)
Fulan Nagar 2 days ago
i have got CRL rank 16000 in paper from gen catagory..are there chances to get b arch in NITs?? please reply
Good to hear about your rank, but before going ahead for any kind of decision or somethinhg I advise you to go for a virtual tour on the wwebnlinks of IITs or NIts to check the current...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 5 days ago
Sir I`m a bit confused, in counseling process, if I get the stream I put on top, is it mandatory that I have to go for it and I cannot choose the steams I put at the bottom even if I get it?
no , you have choices to chose from them, order is just for the sake of your preference, but you can select which ever course(whether its in top or bottom) if you meet the eligibility...
Prajwal Kavad yesterday
What is modular programming??
Modular programming can be used to break up a large program into manageable units, or to create code that can be easily re-used. A modular program consists of a main module and one or more...
Deepak Patra 6 years ago
I got 127 in jee main 2015 and 93.4% in cbse boards i am of general category . can i get any NIT and if yes which branch ??
u can expect bio tech, chem, production etc for sure and branches like MECH and CSE maybe no chances, ECE if you have some luck, it all depends on ur final rank if you get below 20k then u...
Prajwal Kavad 10 days ago
try for Nit allahabad , YOU CAN GET good branch under homestate category if ur percentile comes out to be good
Prajwal Kavad 10 days ago
Can i get chemical in nits without homestate quota .....means in anothr state
shubham garg 10 days ago
is iit better or nit is better for education as well as salary packages?
Definetely IITs.
Vijay Mukti 4 days ago
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