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is it essential to submit 10+2 marksheet at the time of counselling,if the declaration of the results are after counselling dates.

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear rahul,

Yes it is very essential...

We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best.

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Sagar Singh

B.Tech IIT Delhi

4 years ago

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What is inverse of i(iota) ?
It is -1 because inverse means1/i=-i,divide numarater and denominatot by i the in numarater you have i and in denominator i square.isquare=-1.So the answer is -i. In future try to look at...
abhinaipadachuru 2 days ago
It is -i. It is because in verse of i = 1/i. Multiplying & dividing by i, we get 1/i = i/i 2 Also, i 2 = -1 So, 1/i = i/-1 = -i Please approve it if you like.
Shivam Chopra 5 months ago
here we just have to rationalise 1/i this will give us the result -i hit approve if useful
rahul 5 days ago
Is H.C.Verma enough for IIT-JEE?
Not so, for good books, it is also mentioned on askiitians home page.
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
no not at all if u do HCV then also do all previous iit questions n irodov otherwise leave HCV and do cengage
Nicho priyatham 18 days ago
you can use cengage materials prepare well all the best
sajid 7 days ago
i got 127 marks in jee mains and 96.8% in ap board i belong to oc catogery please suggest me nit and iiits which i get and also give branches which i can expect in good nits
OC.....or SC cat...u are talking about??? In chance of any NITs In SC ….you should try...NIT T, NIT S, NIT BHOPAL, NIT Allahabad, NIT R, NIT Jalandhar, DTU Delhi, IIIT...
Saurabh Kumar 11 days ago
As you are very near to cutoff range it is difficult to get in good NITs. You may expect in colleges like Amity or DTU.
Avinash 11 days ago
Dear student, be very clear in your query, it is very difficult to make out which is your category, and secondly you need to be little more active in visiting the official weblinks to find...
Soneel Verma 19 hours ago
i hve got 130 marks in mains 2015 and 94.8% in cbse board 2015 so should i join mbm jodhpur or DAIICT CLG IN GANDHINAGAR........what is the average package and fee structure of both...plz...
You should go for DAIICT Gandhinagar.. For package and fee structure you have to go on college Weblink..
Saurabh Kumar 28 days ago
To compare the two, DAIICT Gandhinagar is far better option and yes, very rightly suggested that for the detailed information regarding pay package and all you need to visit the official...
Soneel Verma 27 days ago
is bits hyd cs is better or iit bhuv cs is better
Hi Varun, You should take computer science at IIT BHU. You will get good exposure of opportunity related to both academics & extracircular activities. Also the placement of BHU is...
Jitender Singh one year ago
he asked about iit bhuvneshwar, i suppose. If that is the case then, Join BITS HYD CS. it is well known than newer iits.
asad one year ago
I would say u shud go for iit is better than bits hyd
needhelp one year ago
sir, will you please tell me the list of important topics of PCM for JEE mains and bitsat ? reply as soon as possible
chemistry physical chemistry : 30-35% organic chemistry : 25-30% Inorganic 30-35% Maths Algebra: 30-35% calculus 30-35 % vector 25-30% Physics Mechanics 25-30 % Properties of matter 10-15%...
Sher Mohammad one year ago
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