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the distance of an object placed before a concave mirror is 16cm from one focus and distance of its image 100cm from the focus. find the focal length and the magnification of the mirror.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


let f be focal length.  1/(f+16) + 1/(f+100) = 1/f,     upon simplifying, we get f2 = 1600. f>0, thus f=40cm

magnification = u/v = 56/140 =2/5 =0.4

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6 years ago

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are there any other physical quantities having both magnitude and direction but not vectors apart from electric current? If Yes, plse mention those quantities except electric current.
such quantities are called tensors . stress on a material, such as a construction beam in a bridge. Other examples of tensors include the strain tensor, the conductivity tensor, and the...
hridya 6 days ago
MR Vikas, I am asking for examples of physical quantities which are having both MAGNITUDE and DIRECTION but can not be called as vectors.One example is electric current which has both...
Venkateswarlu Kotharu one month ago
Thhere are many and those are simply termed as scalar quantities. Examples, Temperature, Pressure, Volume etc. and electric current is too scalar quantity.
Vikas TU one month ago
There are 2 wires of same material. Their radii & lengths are both in the ratio 1: 2. If the extensions produced are equal, what is the ratio of the loads?
let l1 be the extension in wire 1 then, l1 = Fl/YA and l2 be the extension in wire 2 then, l2 = F’l’/YA’ Now Given, l1 = l2 hence, Fl/YA = F’l’/YA’ F/F’ = Al’/A’l =...
2017 years ago
What is the least size of the antennae for radiating wave of wavelength lamda?
The least size of the antennae for radiating wave of wavelength lambda is one-fourth of the wavelength that is, lambda/4 . Hope you understand my solution . ALL THE BEST..
Adarsh 2 months ago
Can a room be cooled by leaving the door of an electric refrigerator open?
A refrigerator is a heat engine that works in backward direction i.e., it extracts heat from a low temperature reservoir and transfers it to a high temperature reservoir. Thus it exhausts...
vamshi one year ago
No,it is never possible for this incident.because refrigerater formula is taken heat from low temperature by working substance.if you open the door then refrigerater is very hot condition...
SAI SARDAR one year ago
what is focal length and radius of curvature of a concave lens ?
Focal Length and Angle of view. The focal length of the lens is the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus, usually stated in millimeters (e.g., 28 mm,...
SHANMUKESHWAR one year ago
Focal Length and Radius of Curvature concave mirror convex mirror Consider a ray of light AB, parallel to the principal axis, incident on a spherical mirror at point B. The normal to the...
santhosh one year ago
Focal Length: The distance of principle focus from optic center is called focal length of a concave lens. Radius of Curvature: The radius of the sphere of which the curved surface of the...
kalyan one year ago
Please tell how to calculate the induced electric field in changing magnetic field??
calculate magnetic flux with time a variable then diif wrt time...........................................................
harshul gupta one month ago
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