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6 years ago


Answers : (3)


Dear Raju

Diagrams are not visible

post your question again



6 years ago

I=∑mr²  It is simple method to solve questions.. If you are not satisfy with this E-MAIL me on my id   you can try it with torqe method

4 years ago

Dear Shubham,

Just go through Ncert Physics  part ist of class 11th.

= Σmiri2      (i=1 to n).

solve some of the basic questions .

After that, come to average lavel ques and then finaly try to do advance level question given in your materials.

Thank You 

4 years ago

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What is modulation index and what are the equations for finding it?
Modulation index ( μ) is the ratio of amplitude of message signal (A m ) to that of the carrier wave (A c ) that is, μ = A m /A c = ((A max -A min )/2)/((A max +A min )/2) = (A max -A min...
Adarsh 2 months ago
modulation index is defined as the ratio of the peak voltages maximum to minimum or ratio of higher voltage to lower voltage for any concerned signal taken such as voice signal sound signal ...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
what is frequency........................................................?
dear peter, The number of oscillations completed by a particle in one second is called frequency...............................................................
2017 years ago
what is center of mass.............................................???
@ hayathi COM is besically a point at which all of the mass of a body is supposed to be concentrated . if an object is balanced at this point , no net torque act on this object and it will...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
In physics, the center of mass of a distribution of mass in space is the unique point where the weighted relative position of the distributed mass sums to zero or the point where if a force ...
Shreyas Patil 2 months ago
dear hayathi, It is the imaginary point at which the total mass of the system is supposed to be concentrated.
SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
When cos of angle will be greater than sin of angle this equation will give imaginary speed what do this imaginary speed indicates
It would never happen as the componets have been formed according to the common angle of inclination of wedge. thus The trignometry would automatically adjust here and that term would never ...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
two coils having inductance 2L and 3L are connected in series and are tightly coupled .if mutual inductance is L and current in opposite sense,the equivalent inductance is ____
Net inductance would be given as: => L1 + L2 – Mroot(L1 * L2) => 2L + 3L – Lroot(6L^2) => 5L – L^2*root(6) Henry.
2017 years ago
ans given as 3L...
-2 hours ago
What is isothermal?and explain derivation.?
An isothermal process is a change of a system, in which the temperature remains constant: ΔT = 0.
pa1 one year ago
An isothermal process is a change of a system, in which the temperature remains constant: ΔT = 0.
HARINATH one year ago
what is the mirror formula?
Mirror Formula And Magnification. In a Spherical Mirror , The distance of the object from its pole is called the Object distance (u). The distance of the Image from the Pole of the Mirror...
venky one year ago
yes it is correct. 1/f = 1/s + 1/s’. here s=object distance. s’=image distance. f=focal length.
sai kumar one year ago
1/(focal lenth) = (1/object distance)+(1/image distance)
gopathoti bujji one year ago
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