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  • Kinematics & Rotational Motion
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				   A force F=(10i+5j)N acts on a body of mass 10gm.If the body is at origine at time t=0,then what would be its position at time t=5s?

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


F = 10i + 5j  

as F=ma where m=0.01kg

accl. of body(a) = 1000i+500j

equation of motion is : S = ut + 0.5at2 with starting at rest , u =0

position = (0.5*1000*25 i + 0.5*500*25 j )

            = (12500 i + 6250 j)


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7 years ago

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  • Kinematics & Rotational Motion
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