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				   Draw the graph of y=ax - bx^2 where a and b are some positive constants. (please upload the image somewhere and paste your image link in my answer)

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


for y=ax - bx^2   a>0 and b>0

at y=0 we have roots x=0 and x= a/b

and it has maximum at P(as shown in fig.) with  x= a/2b and max value y=a2/4b

The graph is a parabola opening downwards towards -ve Y-axes with roots at x=0,a/b

7 years ago

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The sum of magnitudes of two forces acting at a point is 16N. If the resultant force is 8N and its direction is perpendicular to smaller force,then the forces are:- (A)6N and 10N, (B)8N and...
Let the force be A and B, then the given condittions are: |A| + |B| = 16.......................(1) and |A|^2 + |B|^2 + 2ABcosthetha = 64..........................(2) and let B be the...
Vikas TU 3 months ago
A(vector)+B(vector)=R(vector) |A|+|B|=16 Since resultant is perpendicular to smaller force R*R+A*A=B*B (Traingle Law of Addition and PYTHAGORES theor m) 64+ A*A=B*B Option a satisfies this...
Atin Vikram Singh 3 months ago
EXPERTS PLZ HELP ME Is the moment of inertia of disc and ring are (mr 2 )/2 and mr 2 respectively?? and if yes how can the moment of inetial of ring greater than that of disc ??
Yes, its true. The moment of inertia of a disc and a ring about an axis perpendicular to their plane are and resspectively. Here you have to notice in both the cases we are taking the mass...
Shaswata Biswas 28 days ago
See the moment of inertia is proportional to r 2, for same mass ,as the mass is concentrated more farther from the ring it will have greater moment of inertia.
Piyush Behera 8 days ago
a cricket ball is thrown at a speed of 28m/s in a direction 30*( 30 degrees) above the horizontal .Calculate its maximum height.
Here, velocity of projection, u = 28 m/s. Angle of projection, = 30 ০ . We have, maximum height attained by a projectile, So, the maximum height attained by the ball is 20 m. THANKS
Shaswata Biswas 27 days ago
It sould be, So, the maximum height attained by the cricket ball will be 10 . Sorry for mistake. THANKS
Shaswata Biswas 27 days ago
Is solid angle is in the syllabus of jee for both mains and advanced.
@ rahul yes , its in the main syllabus , but not in advanced syllabus directly . but as its a angle subtended by cone , then advanced might ask a combined conceptual question on this by...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
in mean free path of a gas molecule from where has 1/root 2 (1.414) has come plz explain?????
The factor 1/root 2 comes by applying Maxwell Boltzmann statistics. Which is not in your syllabus. In NCERT, formula for mean free path is derived by taking ideal conditions. But actually a...
Gundeep Singh one month ago
Which of the 3 forces do not accelerate and why? A) 5 10 12 B) 10 20 30 C) 10 20 40 D) 5 10 15
Sorry, I didn’t understand your question fully. How can we tell just seeing upon magnitudes of the forces without direction. U must provide some direction of forces acting on any object.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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