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Hello Sir,

I only want some advice from u so that how i can improve my condition in physics.

This is not true that i am bad in physics but the problem is i cant understand soo rapidly that my teacher teaches like other children do(in my opinion). I am not enable 2 think or imagine the figures quickly.

So can u help me sir. If yes plzzz do help me. I m in extreme need

Thank You

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi , 

You need to study hard ... the problem is lack of practise

Clear your concepts ... and practise as much as possible ... i am sure if u ll practise enuf .. u ll nvr face as such problem ...

Alweys revise stuff after coming back from school and tution that will help u remembering things for longer time ...  clear your concepts and give them more time to practice question. Do hard work and believe in yourself...

Wish u very good luck for the future..

6 years ago

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a cricket ball is thrown at a speed of 28m/s in a direction 30*( 30 degrees) above the horizontal .Calculate its maximum height.
Here, velocity of projection, u = 28 m/s. Angle of projection, = 30 ০ . We have, maximum height attained by a projectile, So, the maximum height attained by the ball is 20 m. THANKS
Shaswata Biswas 29 days ago
It sould be, So, the maximum height attained by the cricket ball will be 10 . Sorry for mistake. THANKS
Shaswata Biswas 29 days ago
Let A be the area swept out by the line joining the earth and the sun during FEB1997.the area swept out by the line during a typical week in Feb 1997 is
From Kepler’s second law, equal radius area sweeped would be equal to radius area sweeped in equal interval of time. Thus, there were 4 weeks in the month of FEB 1997. the area swept out by ...
2017 years ago
Why body with less mass cover distance with less interval of time than object with greater mass. When thrown horizontally
From Newton's Second law, F = ma the object with greater masss would have less acceeration and the object with smaller masss would have high acclrn. This is the basic reason.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
What is the diffrence between Angular Dispersion and Dispersive Power ????
@ shreyas ANGULAR DISPERSION – a measure of the angular separation of light rays of different wavelength or color traversing a prism or diffraction grating, equal to the rate of change of...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
Does self inductance opposes the current in circuit which is produce because of change in magnetic flux inside circuit?why
Yes .when magnetic flux linked with the coil changes the strength of the current flowing through it also changes .Thus the coil opposes the change in strength in current.
Nikhil Upadhyay one year ago
An electric field is given E=a(xi+yj)/(x^2+y^2) where i and j are the unit vectors and a is a constant .A sphere with radius R is placed with its centre at the origin of the coordinate...
Flux = Integeration of (E.ds) where ds = area with unit vector that is => (xi + yj + zk)/root(x^2 + y^2 +z^2) flux = a(xi+yj)/(x^2+y^2) * (xi + yj + zk)/root(x^2 + y^2 +z^2) * ds = a(x^2 +...
Vikas TU 13 days ago
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