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This year i  have not been selected in IIT nd also not a good rank in aieee. so i have decided to drop this year. i started studying .i m very confused about physics as this has always been my weekest part. i dont know from where to start and please tell me.i have started with maths from P&C. is it right??

7 years ago


Answers : (4)



The approach towards cracking JEE is studying the right topic in the right amount. I can suggest u some of the important topics , that would help u score higher if u get thorough with them.

Choosing the right topics for maximum study is very important not only for clearing JEE but also for getting a high rank. Lots of topics in JEE syllabus require a huge lot of time, incomparable to that required by other topics. Spending too much time on these topics and ignoring other topics leads to drastic failure in rank .Lots of topics in JEE are very easy and are of NCERT level.

MODERN PHYSICS AND ELECTRONICS :most of the questions easy and similar to past JEE questions.

WAVE OPTICS :most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions

INORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND GENERAL CHEMISTRY :most of the questions are of NCERT level and are simple.

SOLID STATE :Most of the questions are very easy.

PROBABILITY AND DIFFERENTIATION :most of the questions are simple and NCERT level.

DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS :most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions.


If u are planning to start ur preparation, then doing the basics like differential and integral calculus wud be the best coz , it's required at lots of areas in maths and physics, so start with it.

7 years ago


7 years ago

NEVER EVER FEAR to do anything.. This is the first adn the foremost condition that you'll have to impose upon yourself.. This is a must.. You have to have a positive attitude towards your life and especially your studies..

starting with P & C in maths is not a bad choice at all.. infact BANSAL CLASSES at kota always have started with this ever since i've been in this feeld and watching them teach..

Anyways for your physics section... let me tell you one thing. Physics for some students is the most comfortable subject while for others it is the most hectic one.. It totally depends upon the mind set. If you like to solve the real world problems and if you are interested in corelating the real world with the one that you see in your books then you'll love this subject. But this is not inborn allright..

You first need to develop interes in this subject

for this purpose I would suggest the book RESNIK Hareday. not sure of the spellings but you can get it quite easily.

It will really help you understand this subject. Then for IIT JEE you can select the book by HC VERMA.. It is the best known book for IIT JEE..

As far as the topics are concerned You must first start with the basic chapters of class 11th like vectors and then Newton's laws of motions then Kinematics. Go through these chapters with a interest. i'm sure this will make your way easier..



7 years ago

Dear amandeep,

   if u were not selected this year there is not much to worry ,if u start studying from now sincerely it wont be that difficult to crack u mentioned physics has been ur weekness,I would like to say that improving physics is not much difficult now when most of the concepts have already been asked in jee.I would suggest you give a new beginning to physics,start the subject again from the very basics and then proceed gradually to higher levels.U can start theory of physics by "D.C. PANDEY   ARIHANT publications" and start solving exercise problems from between the topics,this will enhance ur basic physics and then solve numericals from "CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS  by H.C. VERMA".After this u should go through the problems asked in jee in the previous years.

  Before starting numericals first get command over basic calculus,as integrals and other calculus tricks will be involved in most of the problems asked in jee.As u know jee questions are meant to check the basic knowledge of students so stick to the basics and then proceed.One more thing i have observed that students leave derivations as they think the paper is objective so there is no need to do the derivations its not so most of the problems arte framed from the steps involved in the derivations.

  Go in the following order: kinematics,mechanics,waves,heat and thermodyanamics,wave optics,ray optics,modern,electricity & magnetism.Dont skip subtopics,do all the subtopics under main topics.Although everything is important ,if still u want to leave some topics then u can leave later part of rotational mechanics,ac circuits,later parts of ray optics as wave optics is more impoetant and problems concerning matter.Go strictly acc. to the jee syllabus because many books give extra topics which are useless and waste ur time.

   So u can start now and proceed as i have told u,and i dont u'll get disappointed this time.


7 years ago

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