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what marks are needed and what rank to get into bits pilani with a good branch?

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


First thing which you should about getting admission in bits pilani it allows only those students to sit in its entrance  who have 80% or above in its 12th board.

4 years ago

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Sir Got 59607 In MAins 2015 Will I Get Any Nit (OC).( Boy)
I suggest you to visit the official website of JEE Mains and try to find out the current status of cutoff list as well as counselling rounds’ results, based on that you may get a clearer...
Soneel Verma 4 days ago
which is best to choose chemical engineering in osmania univrsty or ece in kakathiya univrsty
yes very well said , it is a matter of choiceand moreover it is a matter of availability too, you can try visiting the websites of – Chaitanya Bharti Inst of Tech, Hyderabad Lovely...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 29 days ago
whether chemical or ece depends on your intrest but if u want to get a good placement easily u have to ece in KU
Nicho priyatham 29 days ago
it is matter of your choice and availability of seats hope you get your desired college
sajid 15 days ago
i got 152 marks in jee mains 2015. could i get a seat in NIT TIRUCHURAPALLI? I belong to andhra pradesh general category.
To get into an NIT one needs to appear in Advance or quite promising score in mains....well you better check the cutoff list at the official website of that very NIT where you wish to...
Ayushmaan Vardhan 29 days ago
if u need nit tiruchurapalli u have 2 get a rank below 4000 in worest case 4 dat u need u have ipe marks about 985 u cant even dream 4 it unless u have such ipe marks good...
Nicho priyatham one month ago
visit the official page of your desired nit and check the cut off list to get in nit tirucurapalli you have to get rank below 5000 hope for the best
sajid 15 days ago
Sir I`m a bit confused, in counseling process, if I get the stream I put on top, is it mandatory that I have to go for it and I cannot choose the steams I put at the bottom even if I get it?
no , you have choices to chose from them, order is just for the sake of your preference, but you can select which ever course(whether its in top or bottom) if you meet the eligibility...
Prajwal Kavad 20 hours ago
seeing the present situation cs is definately a good choice bec india is IT hub but sir in long terms is this a good feild...bec in recession many cs professional loose their job...
Dear akki CS is still a best choice for the student. recession is not only affecting IT industry,it is in the every field. in present as well as in future it is a top most choice for a...
Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert 5 years ago
doppeler effect
Hi, When wave energy like sound or radio waves travels from two objects, the wavelength can seem to be changed if one or both of them are moving. This is called the Doppler effect. The...
Shobhit Varshney 7 months ago
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