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				   hi guys i came to this forum looking for some advice.i hope i posted at

the right place.the thing is that i have always been a good student
averaging well above 80% in my 10th and +2 boards(87 and 84
respectively).but what happened is that after +2 i gave the entrance
exams and i got thru to manipal i thought that manipal
was a very expensive college and the placements arent that great there.

so i decided not to join manipal and give a my drop year i did
decently.i caame in the eml of iitjee got an ok rank in aieee aand did
quite well in wbjee and comedk etc.with my ranks i could have easily
got a good college in either bangalore(like bms ms ramaiah) or thru
aieee(bit patna dr mgr or some low nit like raipur etc)but i decided to
go for brand name and via my wbjee rank

i enrolled myself in jadavpur university for the pharmaceutical
technology course.i had this idea that even if you get a bad stream but
study in a good college you will get a good job.and as you know
jadavpur is one of the most premier engg colleges in india(ranked 12th
just after iits).but after i took admission i found out that pharmacy
is areally bad career option.firstly one does not get a good job after
doing b pharma.

the salary is in the 5000-10000 monthly range.its a research based
career option where ull have to study a lot for very little gains.even
after further degrees like m pharm career options are very the
thing is i filled up the wbjee form for this year so that i could give
it one more time and perhaps get a good course in jadavpur university
itself.but the thing is if i do change after this year there will be a
two year gap between

my +2 ad college.something that is seen i very bad light these days
especially after iit have changed their rules about the number of also say that most of you would advise me to go for mba and
i know i can do it but the thing is that i dont consider mba to be a
very good option for an engineer because your technical knowledge wont
be of much use thereafter.and also the engg students who go for mba are
mostly the ones who study in a poor

college or dont get good marks in engg and hence dont get i
want to know that if i change this year will i get a good job after my
2 year gap because i know that it is somewhat of a hindrance in getting
jobs.or should i just go forward with my course and do mba also like to point out that i dont care much as to what i
study as long as i get a good job.please do advise guys

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear sachin ,

I think your conception that pharmaceutical is a bad branch is somewhat without reasons . Every branch has its place in the world. I don't know the statistic but i think if you can study well in any branch you can  be placed very well. Another thing is that dropping two years will further decrease your chances of getting placed because everytime you 'll give interview it'll be first question and gather you some negative points. So , dropping is not at all good idea. I think to get a good job you can do M.S from some foreign university after your graduation. You can start your own pharma company , i mean you should stop worrying about the pay packages . JAdavpur univ. is really a brand and do you think that the top companies won't take students from it and then give only 5k-10k . I would suggest if you want to be successful then work hard in your college time. you will regret the dropping option afterwards. So , don't get disheartened , not everybody gets their favourite branch but slowly they began to like it and every branch has its value and no branch offers you 5k-10k if you study well. good luck !!!

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6 years ago

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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
  • OFFERED PRICE: R 15,000
  • View Details

Get extra R 3,750 off

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