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what happens when current is passed through a spring.

will the spring compress,expand or remain samedue to the current.why???

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

										The spring work as inductor, a magnetic field is created due this, the spring will compress due attractive magnetic force.
sher mohammad
faculty askiitians iit delhi
2 years ago

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is it possible to create magnetic field without electric field?
@ krishna there are 2 way of creating an electric field , – introduce an electrically charged particle , or introduce a time varying magnetic field . however , there are no magnetically...
Umakant biswal one month ago
I read in my ncert book that "however, take care not to let the Gaussian surface pass through any discrete charge. This is because electric field due to a system of discrete charges is not...
If the Gaussioan surface would pass through the dicrete charge then there would be a contradiction with what part of chrge would be considered inside the surface that is to say that Electric...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
Can you explain to me the concept behind a spherical conductor inside a
@ raveesh Your question is incomplete , kindly repost the question again , what u want to know about the spherical conducter ?? waiting to hear from you again . ALL THE BEST ..
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
what is drift velocity
drift velocity is the flow velocity experienced by an electron inside a conductor when an electric field is applied to the conductor. The drift velocity is given by v= I/neA where I is the...
Neeti one year ago
The drift velocity is the flow velocity that a particle, such as an electron, attains due to an electric field. It can also be referred to as axial drift velocity . In general, an electron...
Aakash one year ago
Drift velocity is the flow velocity an electron inside a conductor experien
Neeti one year ago
if a body move with u velocity then after collide with wall and remove with v velocity what is the impulse
Hi aman, I think this might help as we know that Impulse and also F=m(dv/dt) so (here m is the mass of body and dv/dt =acc) here p is the momentum ans delta p is change in momentum hence in ...
Ankit Jaiswal 20 days ago
any post any query as a post...
Ankit Jaiswal 18 days ago
and plz approve this will help me alot...
Ankit Jaiswal 18 days ago
What are the main types of modulation? Please give some idea.
A form of sinusoidal carrier wave is given below: c(t) = a c sin(w c t+ ϕ) where a c – amplitude of carrier wave w c – frequency of carrier wave ϕ – phase of carrier wave During modulation, ...
Adarsh 2 months ago
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