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Consider the region that seperates the plates of a capacitor.  Does the electric field b/w the plates increases or decreases as the distance (d) b/w the plates decreases ? What abt the potential difference b/w the plates ? Does your answer changes if the charges moves b/w the plates of the capcitor  ? 

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


hi sanchit,

for a given system of plates the charge on the capacitor remains fixed.if the dist. decreases then capacitance increases.

with the increase in capacitance potential decerases. however intensity remains fixed. Q=CV


insertion of a dielectric medium betwn the plates is eqvivalent to chargse moving in betwn C=KeA/d with the change in capacitance potential changes and therby intensity also changes

6 years ago

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Umakant biswal one month ago
sir, i have a doubt .In the concept of electric field “test your knowledge” 5 th question.How the electric field is not effected?
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Umakant biswal 23 days ago
WELL plz send the full answer soon . so that i or someone else can help u . waiting for ur question send the attachment
prateek 2 days ago
A circular wire loop of radius R carries a total charge q distributed uniformly over its length. A small length x(very very less than R) of the wire is cut off. Find the electric field at...
Total charge given for loop = q. Charge per unit length = q/2*pi*R for dl element, dq = qdl/2*pi*a. Net electricf field at center due to that small length and reaining is: 0 = E + kdq/r^2...
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What is the normalisation procedure in jee mains?
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How to determine potential gradient of a given wire?
@arka potential gradient is the drop in potential per unit length of a wire . so, acc to the formula potential gradient = R/L so, as R= RHO*L/A SO, BY modifying potential gradient will be...
Umakant biswal one month ago
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