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a point charge q is placed at the center of an uncharged conducting shell of inner radius R and outer radius 2R. if the point charge is removed from the centre of the shell, to infinity work done by electric force

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

Because charge appearing on the inner surface will be -Q and since the charge was originally zero so charge on outside =+Q.

Thanks & Regards
Arun Kumar
IIT Delhi
Askiitians Faculty
2 years ago

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I have a question can u please answer.. The question is: Coulomb’s Force between 2 charge is independent of Presence of other charge Absence of other charge Shape of conductor All of the...
This question is based on the principal of Electrostatic Superposition. It states that Coulomb’s force between two charges is independent of presence of other charges. Moreover, you know...
Arnav Prasad 4 months ago
an infinite line charge produces a field of 9.10^4 N/C at a distance of 2cm. Calculate the linear charge density.
Since,E= /2 r for charged infinite line so,charge density =9.10^4*(2 *.02)C/m
ujjwal one year ago
how do i solve this question
Try to convert the entire network into simpler across branch AB. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
what is the laws of reeflection and refraction?
law of reflection:the angle of incident is equal to angle of reflection is called reflection law of refraction:the sin angle of incident is inversly proportional to index of refraction of...
BOLLU SRINIVAS one year ago
Laws of reflection states that angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection and incident Ray, reflected Ray to the point of incidence always lie in a same plane Reflection is the...
A M S ARUN KRISHNA one year ago
the generators are divided into two types ac and dc will you please explain about it?
generators are divided into 2 type ac generator-in these generator the mechanical energy is converted into electical energies. while in dc generator electical energies is converted to...
rishabh 4 months ago
AC- in this generation the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. DC- in this generation electrical energy converted into mechanical energy.
nani 4 months ago
If 4sec be the time in which a projectile reaches a point P of its path and 5sec the time from P till it rreaches te horizontal plane passing through the point of projection . The height of ...
Ankit one month ago
plz also answer mine other question ….......... it will help me and thanks for this answer.... it is correct
Hansraj Gyanendra Singh Rajawat one month ago
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