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a point charge q is placed at the center of an uncharged conducting shell of inner radius R and outer radius 2R. if the point charge is removed from the centre of the shell, to infinity work done by electric force

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

Because charge appearing on the inner surface will be -Q and since the charge was originally zero so charge on outside =+Q.

Thanks & Regards
Arun Kumar
IIT Delhi
Askiitians Faculty
2 years ago

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How should i prepare for the chapter Electrostatics Potential and Capacitance? Remembering all the things is becoming difficult for me. Please help me.
@ shreyas frst of all i would like to tell , this chapter is full of derivation , and u need only practice at least 3 times to a single derivation . and remember 1 more thing – cbse have...
Umakant biswal one month ago
I will recommend you to Study HC Verma for building concept and Solve more and more numericals for Arihant books and other good books.
Sagar Gupta one month ago
sir, i have a doubt .In the concept of electric field “test your knowledge” 5 th question.How the electric field is not effected?
@ uday can please come back and repost the full ques ?? or else u can attach a image of the ques also in which u have doubt , so, that we can help u as soon as possible to clear your doubt...
Umakant biswal 26 days ago
WELL plz send the full answer soon . so that i or someone else can help u . waiting for ur question send the attachment
prateek 4 days ago
Can someone help with Q14 that`s in the attachment. Thank you.
@ ashmeet i can tell you how to approach such kind of questions , in this perticular case u have to apply KVL . let v =0 then by applying kvl we get 12-9/2 +24-q/4 =0 =36-3q/4=0 now as per...
Umakant biswal one month ago
What are the units of magnetic moment, magnetic induction and magnetic field
Magnetic moment - Am2(ampere per meter square) Magnetic induction - Tesla(1 gauss = 10 -4 tesla Magnetic field – Tesla
KALYAN 10 months ago
a charged particle enters in a uniform magnetic field with velocity vector at an angle of 30 o with the magnetic field .the pitch of the helical path followed by the particle is L the...
First do the velocity components in x and y direcn. respectively. that are vcos30 and vsin30 m/s. Now to cover the circular path motion, it uses the vertical velocity that is vsin30. Hence...
Vikas TU 15 days ago
ans given as tan-1(3/2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
krishna priya 15 days ago
calculate the frequency of the fundamental note produced by a string 1 m long and weighing 2 g kept stretched by a load 400 kg
the fundamental frequency is =[(200000)^1/2]/2 =223.6 hz I think iam correct. if u have any further doubts please post them. thank u.
Gosula Madhukar one month ago
direct substitution answer.. :) f=?, l=1m, T(tension)=400N, m(=mass/length)=2*10 -3 ...substitute..u get the answer.. :)
Elton one month ago
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