a point charge q is placed at the center of an uncharged conducting shell of inner radius R and outer radius 2R. if the point charge is removed from the centre of the shell, to infinity work done by electric force

one year ago


Answers : (1)

Because charge appearing on the inner surface will be -Q and since the charge was originally zero so charge on outside =+Q.

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Arun Kumar
IIT Delhi
Askiitians Faculty
5 months ago

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state true or false with explanation: a capacitor which is charged to a certain potential using batery , and now battery is removed and capacitor is then connected to an uncharged capacitor...
The flow of charge depends on potential difference and is in turn depends on capacitance, as potential difference varies exponentially wrt time, it theoratically takes infinite time.
noneool 2 days ago
a charge of Qcoulomb is placed on a solid piece of metal of irregular shape.the charge will distribute itself....a-uniformly on the metal surface b- uniformly oon the surfa e of objet c-...
as the metal surface is irregular therefor surface charge density is to be considered it means the chrge distribution is non uniform .At the pointed surface of the metal more charge will be...
Sandeep Trivedi one year ago
uniformly on metal surface..... refer mechanism of conduction in metals
Praful S one year ago
c is the correct option
Amit Saxena one year ago
a charge is placed in the middle of a face of a cube. Find the flux through each face.
The total flux through any closed surface is zero.. As per Gauss law, total flux is q/E and for a cube there are 6 faces and hence from each face we can divide flux by 6. Thanks &...
Vasantha Kumari 4 months ago
srrry bt its not satisfactory.. pls read the question firtst..........
Mostafijur Rahaman 4 months ago
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Dear student, The mass per unit length of the string would be given by: Hence, the mass of the chain that is kept on the table would be given by: Thus, the frictional force acting on the...
Sumit Majumdar 2 months ago
A person is standing on a truck moving with a constant velocity 15 m/s. The man throws a ball in such a way that it returns to his hand after the truck has moved 60 m. Find speed and angle...
see ... the ball will now have an horizontal as well as a vertical velocity ..... the horizontal velocity would be the same as the velocity of the truck ... due to inertia .. that is 15m/s...
saraana clinton 9 months ago
Since the ball returns to the hand after traveling for 60m at a speed 15m/s, time period, T = 60/15 = 4s. As seen from the truck, the ball is obviously thrown at angle of 90, as it cannot...
Ashwin Maran 9 months ago
i am sorry there was a mistake in my answer... the vertical velocity would be u sin theta not u cos theta ... where theta is the angle of projection... and i am quite a little sure that the...
saraana clinton 9 months ago
What is electromagnetic induction??
electromagnetic induction basically corelate the relation between magnetic field and electric current.it can be defined as the production of potential diff across a conductor when it is...
Sunil Kumar FP 8 months ago
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