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Ques) Find the charges on 6uF and 4uF Capacitors.

7 years ago


Answers : (1)

										I think ur que. Is wrong as the formula is Q=C*V

so we also need p.diff along both capacitors
7 years ago

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is it possible to create magnetic field without electric field?
@ krishna there are 2 way of creating an electric field , – introduce an electrically charged particle , or introduce a time varying magnetic field . however , there are no magnetically...
Umakant biswal one month ago
what is the dimension formula of electric flux??????????????
L 3 MT −3 I −1 the dimension formula of electric flux is ield lines going through a normally perpendicular surface. f is the measure of flow of the electric field through a given area....
vamshi one year ago
While Gauss' Law holds for all situations, it is only useful for "by hand" calculations when high degrees of symmetry exist in the electric field. Examples include spherical and cylindrical ...
KUNCHAM SAMPATH one year ago
Electric Flux: The total number of electric lines of force passing through a normal plane inside an electric field is called Electric flux (φ ) . It is a scalar quantity. AND ITS DIMENSION...
saran one year ago
please can i get explanation to the concept behind the question..
Saurabh Kumar 4 months ago
@ amit the question deals with the electric field intensity in a spherical chrged shell . u can calculate it by applying the formula E= RHO *I / 3 E0 where e0 is the permittivity of free...
Umakant biswal 4 months ago
A potentiometer wire of 10m length and 20 ohm resistance is connented in series with a resistance “R” ohms and a battery of emf 2V , negligeble internal resistance , potential gradient on...
Write first the total resistance = R current in the circuit would be = V/R remaining voltage/m = > 2/10 = 0.2 Volt/meter.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
A circular coil of radius R having n turns carried a current of I ampere .it is kept with its plane perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field B tesla,then torque acting on coil is ____
Since the area vector and magnetic field are in same direction. Thus the total torque on the coil is 0.
sneha prasad 7 days ago
Please see the attachment for my question
yes answer should be ( c ). for solving these typ of questions, firstly you should draw a line parallel to y-axis. let that drawn line intersect line P 1 at point A and P 2 at point B. Now...
arun 7 months ago
Dear Sumukath M lohit, The answer in above image is B.P 1 2 .Because pressure is inversely proportional to the volume.And P 1 is very rapidly decreases then P 2 it shows P 1 is very low...
SAI SARDAR 7 months ago
No the answer key says (c) . even I had got the answer as (b) but I went wrong.
Sumukh M Lohit 7 months ago
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