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12th class topics are very useful for every engg. entrance exam in india  so join me and ask question to me for jee 11

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear rahul,

Yeah sure if we have any doubt we will revert back to you....


Please feel free to ask your queries here. We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best.

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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

5 years ago

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what is current and how can we protect from current,it is dangerous or not ,if yes then why?
a flow of electricity which results from the ordered directional movement of electrically charged particles.two types of currents ac and dc.dc currents are dangerous.yes dc currents are...
sudarshan 9 months ago
HI NAVVEN, Current is a power of lighting and run the fans and work the Acs and i protect current in night time early sleeping then switch off the is so dangerous.
Gowri sankar 9 months ago
a flow of electricity which results from the ordered directional movement of electrically charged particles is called is very useful but it also very dangerous.
N JYOTHEESWAR 9 months ago
A particle of charge q and mass m is moving in an electric field (a)must undergo change in velocity (b)must undergo change in speed (c)may not undergo change in velocity (d)may not undergo...
Forces actinng on the charge, qE = ma a = qE/m Thus it would have an accelration therfore velocity could change. options seems correct one.
Vikas TU 25 days ago
A circular wire loop of radius R carries a total charge q distributed uniformly over its length. A small length x(very very less than R) of the wire is cut off. Find the electric field at...
Total charge given for loop = q. Charge per unit length = q/2*pi*R for dl element, dq = qdl/2*pi*a. Net electricf field at center due to that small length and reaining is: 0 = E + kdq/r^2...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
the ratio of time taken by freely falling body to cover first mover,second mover,
@ rajkumar can u plzz a little bit describe your query , as i am not getting your query properly . and here no attachment is being given , and without knowing the details of the freely...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
Find the distance covered iin 1s 2s and 3s let be s1 s2 and s3 respectively. then for first mover, the answer would be=> s2-s1 and s3 – s2 therfore.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
A luminous point is moving at a speed v’ towards a spherical mirror, along its axis. Then the speed with which the image of this point object is moving is given by? (Radius of curvature is...
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Ankit 3 months ago
a packet is released from a balloon accelerating upward with acceleration a. the acceleration of packet just after the release is
Since the ballon was moving upward with acceleration a, there is a force of gravity on the packet too. The balloon is moving upward bexause the reaction force R>W, weight of the packet. As...
Shaswata Biswas one month ago
Just after the release the packet posses only the component of the velocity aquired. Here the accleration of the balloon has no effect on the acceration of the body. When the body is...
Shaswata Biswas one month ago
Shaswata Biswas your anwer is right. But can you please explain why the acceleration of the balloon has no effect on the acceleration of the body?
Dhanyashree one month ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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