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what is the difference bet electric field due to a plane sheet of charge and electric field near a charge conducting surface?why they are different?

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


 ans because os different shapes it hv diff electric field  it is clear frm formulae

                                     ∫ E.dl= q/ε0

  if open integration sign the area comes diff....   HENCE it hv diff. electric field.

5 years ago

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Three charges -q,+q and -q are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle of side `a` . The resultant electric force on a charge +q placed at the centroid O of the triangle is
See for these type of questions. Draw the triangle and put charges at the three vertex and try to get the resultant force at the centroid by using the formula: F = K q1 q2/ r^2 You need to...
Suraj Prasad 3 months ago
can u pls tell me how R2=M1(R1+R2)/(M1+M2) COMES.. i am not able to solve it.. please reply fast..
It is easy.. Since it is an atom, the nucleus is the COM. So, eqauting the moments on both sides, m 1 r 1 = m 2 r 2 Even if u simply the equation in your doubt, you get the same relation. I ...
Subhiksha 5 months ago
please press ctrl and + button to zoom. and answer my query please...................................................................
jayesh 6 months ago
please send attachments clearly i will try to answer your question............................ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,
naveen royals 6 months ago
A particle of charge q and mass m is moving in an electric field (a)must undergo change in velocity (b)must undergo change in speed (c)may not undergo change in velocity (d)may not undergo...
Forces actinng on the charge, qE = ma a = qE/m Thus it would have an accelration therfore velocity could change. options seems correct one.
Vikas TU 27 days ago
Three particles start moving from the origin at the same time. Particle 1goes in x-direction with velocity v1 and 2nd in y-direction with v2. Particle 3 goes along line y=x and velocity v3....
Find the distance at any time taken as cinstant suppose take t = 1 s and then we can caluclate velocity later on. . For x – axis, x = V1 For y-axis y = V2 for y=x, x0 = V3cos45 and y0 =...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
What is the dimension of centre of mass? I have my physics viva tomorrow.......
i asked for “centre of mass” not mass …...they are very much different centre of mass comes in the concept of rigid body dynamics
Anwesha Barman one month ago
Unit for mass is Kilograms or grams.It is sure .Don’t doubt on it. we see naturally at shops some body asking for 5Kg blackgrametc,..There are so many examples in daily life.
cris gayle one month ago
is spherical magnets possible? if yes then how to tell which pole is north or south
The magnet can have a spherical shape but the repartition of the magnetic pole is not spherical.A good example is Earth which has magnetic poles. The north and south pole of a spherical...
somprasad 3 months ago
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